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I like the specs, but the Millrights might get the spot for the work boots category.Below, is my street style proposal ... maybe, we can arrive at a compromise🤓 ...
.Just imagine a 705 half-sole + heel ... like on the Hopper, below👊🏼.It's the leather stack from the heel that bridges & flushes with the edge of the half-sole
A fab make up, actually, but I'm in desperate need of a black boot for work to replace my 6y/o Black Indy.If they were Scout, tho, I'd seriously consider.Btw, I noticed on the specs ... u guys need to make sure that there's leather heel slip__ to have a constant thickness @outsole
BlackStallion: 6" SCOUT in Black HorseHide X Reversed [RO] heel counter & backstay & eyeletstay[???] • 1035 last • Flat GYW • 6" shaft :: NO pull loops [plain/flat backstay] • 8 Gunmetal eyelets • Partially structured toe • Black Stitch all around, including on welt • *IndigoDip-dyed [stacked] midsole X **DrSole Strider... or black Gloxisole * midsoles dip-dyed in INDIGO before sewn to the uppers ** I've seen & held the full ripples currently being used by Viberg, IRL...
^ ^^ ^^^I got my thicker socks, as well: DarnTough, Smartwool, Chups, Anonymousism ... & yes, I agree__ DT's the best👌🏼•I've been wearing medium weight socks throughout summer➕ much easier slipping in&out during the break in process, cuz the lower shaft entry on my Hoppers were a bit of a tight squeeze due to high instep 🙁 ... 1st few wears, I had to use plastic bag @heel to slide in 😊Also, I've had a few CP heels before. Usually, they're about half spent by the time the...
•Gotta embrace that laceless boot feel🤘🏼Initially, the noticeably lack of control [over snugness] was disconcerting.Another issue I had was__ constantly tugging the sock legs up cuz and boot shafts keep pulling them down ... just annoying 🙄I guess it's all about mindset__ relinquishing control. Nowadays, I just strap in and not worry about laces ... nor slouchy socks 😉 ... kinda liberating, really.
310 is EE like 110, w/ roomier toes due to the higher toe profile.
IndigoCrush : 6" Scout PT/SD in CrustCXL :: Vat dyed in natural indigo Street Version: • 1035 last • partially structured toe • black contrast stitching all around, including sole • stacked leather midsole X black mini ripples .... [or black Gloxicut] Work Version: • 2045 • structured toe • black contrast stitching all around, including outsole • Commando or double leather w/ composite topy • Vibram 700 or Quabaug heel w/a "Viberg taper" ... like that on the Hopper
High density leather like camelhide doesn't stretch that much__ CXL, however, is known to stretch quite a bit.
Right now the lower shafts [above the ankle] are still a tad snug to slip in & out of, so I got the strap setting on loose to stretch the leather out a bit.
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