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👆🏼Right, unstructured low volume/profile toeboxes make for collapsed wrinkly scuffed toes ... evo is so sexy & nonchalant😎
Already know [these] are not for every1, but hey .... whatevs🤘🏼 Viberg "Licorice" Bison MocToe Chukka: Version 2.0 Voila! Like new again. The original honey/olive wasn't evo-ing very well, IMO. Plan was to DIY dye them to light-mid brown__ instead, they turned much darker w/ red undertone after a double coat. They're almost black & opaque, but will lighten up a bit & show more texture, as the dye thins out from brushing & wear ... as a result, the reddish undertone...
🤔💭Don't understand peeps expectation, sometimes ... Even @Viberg thread. Apparently, peeps want a low profile, soft on the stride, got grip & yet, somehow, indestructible.Just like tire options for your car, u choose according to how u want them to perform. Dainite is lower & softer__ pure rubber, so wears out faster. Composite/Nitrile, like GY Commando maybe be harder__ honestly, I don't even feel the "big" difference when walking, but can run circles around Dainite,...
More boot porn: the HOPPER @direct light
IMO, the Roadchamp & Viberg on 2005 [partial/unstructured] are the 🔥sexiest engineer boots, ever ...
How about the width?! Narrower or wider than 4497 ... 4444?!
Not sure what evo route to take just yet ... but, it seems the Chamois will turn out fabulously__ whatever care/maintenance it's going to get.@BurntPockets__ was chasing for better lighting🤓
^Thanks🙏🏼 ... You're gonna love these. So glad I took the plunge. Cheers🍻'Really more of a lace-up kinda guy, so the Hopper was a huge leap for me.Out of the box, there was a lot of tugging to get in. For awhile there thought I messed up cuz it's my 1st time to handle boots w/o laces or zips🙄 ... Once I got 1 foot in, I was relieved__ it may take a few wears to soften & stretch the lower shaft [for easier access], but I'm confident now it's going to work🙏🏻'Sized up 1/2...
The Hopper: Styleforum X Viberg Engineer Boots in Tobacco Chamois • 2005 Last • Unstructured Toes • Stitchdown • Cats Paw + Vibram 705
@Jake, ^^ , ^^^ 'Got Stance for light wearing, esp on derbies__ medium weight Smartwool & DARNtough [agree👍🏼darn good] for extra cushion.
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