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Paddle Feet Unite! Any chance peeps would be interested in an Allan Cordo on 4444-6 fitting?
Slim vs Comfy: 5010xx vs SD-101 :: @W33 iPhone cam
^, ^^, & ^^^ like cathpath said__ just a simple sand down @your local cobbler. i suggest doing it right away before putting much wear on the boots, so that heel color/shade would be even on both heels ... as well as with the rest of the sole units. btw, just wanna remind folks that these are hand-made "work boots". peeps get bogged down by esthetics. i don't know if you can call [100+ yrs] of boot-making tradition "A HYPE". bottomline, it's a personal [style]...
'Got actual measurements & photo (just to get a visual on current condition)
My "Wonder Wall" : Summer Rotation '14
Fullcount x BiG 1635LTD 15.5oz :: Ande Whall Grifter 13oz shameless plug: http://www.styleforum.net/t/399676/ande-whall-grifter-w34-fullcount-x-big-1635ltd-w32/0_30
Sorry for the delay__ Measurements up!!!
1) Ande Whall Grifter W34 :: 13oz redline selvedge :: lowrise, slim-tapered :: Deadstock__ DRY/Unsoaked/UNWORN :: $170 shipped ConUS measurements [BiG-style]: tagged W34: w=35, ins= 38, f/rise= 10, b/rise= 14.5, u/t= 11.75, kn= 8, l/o= 7.5 2)Fullcount x BlueInGreen 1653LTD W32 :: 15.5oz greenline selvedge :: Denim used was the deadstock roll left from FCxBIGxSuFu Jeans Contest in 2009 :: lowrise, slim-straight :: UNWORN__ hot soaked :: $170 shipped...
@mdubs__ check w/Richard 1st if he has extra pairs made on the MTO. Also, this was organized around Aug/Sep last year & maybe some peeps pulled out their orders cuz it took awhile to properly get them done
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