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@tgun84__ mosdef hot soak, wear for a few days, then another hot soak, before hemming. If u wear your jeans w/o cuffing or stacking, hem with about an inch break for residual shrinkage allowance__ for once u actually wash them.
^^agree👊__ #13 NO speed hooks
Aside from #20 on 2040__ I'm all about the 110s for my next 'bergs. So, #5, #19, #6/13 ... But, Bison Scout x Cats Paw/700👊 on either 110 or unstructured 2040 would be a 1st choice, if made possible.
Funny u mentioned that, cuz [that] is exactly what I'm aiming for, on my next pair_ SU1/2 on an unstructured 2040/45 Boondockers .... or prolly Trench👊
Here's my Momo jacket @14mos= 5mos effective wear= 3 hot soaks__ no wash WxExY x Momo Type2 in "Copper"
its really your call ... If you're not happy w/ the fit anymore, then by all means take advantage of the buyback 👊
^@14mos= 5mos effective wear= 3 hot soaks__ no wash
WAYWT: Combs all around WxExY x Momo Type2
^fab fadez__ nice job👊
Waiting for the Bison version ...
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