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Hopper I
The Chelseas are on a new last, similar to 2030, so I'm OUT ... due to fEEt config.Country derby or Trench would be fab on commando soles__ for a rugged [country] aesthetic .... fingers crossed for some camelhides &/or special tannage👊🏼
•Hopper was fab👌🏼 ... the Inside-Out is a bit too trendy/faddish w/c is really not their niche ... well, not yet.Aside from camel leather, I'd be down for horsehide or w/e on some fancy tannage__ like the Pit Tanned Bison, w/c undergone the same tanning process as their shell cordovan.
^Does it really need to be "something way out there" ?! IMO, getting a leg up utilizing rare leathers X (tastefully) tweaked out classic models = pretty unique + awesome as it is, IMO
Chelsea in non-black Camel hide👍🏼
^Sugarcane, Okinawa Grey
Fab👌🏽 lifestyle stain on the Hoppers👢As a fellow denimhead, I live for indigo ... but, [RAW]👖 are indefinitely off limits to mine. 'Strong aversion to indigo stains on anything__ I'd like to keep it strictly in the jeans, if I can help it.However, we'll see how things progress__ quite the newb on the whole engineers steez😊 ... Oh! Thank god I held on to my straights__ slim tapered won't do on these.
Denim&Fit EVO: Samurai Yamato s001j :: 1st Ed. Lot 0-229 :: Black #DIY "Lazy S" :: Denim is 15oz, but feels heavier :: More streaky than slubby :: Ton of vertical falling.
Brought along on a 3-day Seattle-Gig Harbor trip: 1035 Ebony Latigo SD
1stly, country lasts are meant to be worn w/ medium to thick socks. For Stow & Allan, I went the same size as my Vibergs, [non-2030] since 4497s are 5-fitting. Maltons, I'm 1/2 down as they're 6-fitting. Grassmere Scotch Grain, eventho they're also 6-fitting, had to TTS as leather does not stretch much. Have not tried 4444. But, from what I've read so far, I think I can pull off a 1/2 down [as on the Maltons], but only on the Derby shoes. On boots__ since there's...
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