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'Personal experience on Latigo 1035s__ on GYW vs SD on the getgo, the latter seemed snugger up front, but eventually, stretches out as the boots break in.Length-wise, I can keep the same size across Vibergdom, except on the 2030/2050 which just does not work for me at all, due to fEEt config. That said, on the 1035, I find sizing up 1/2 from my 110 to be much more comfy & the length difference is really not noticeable.
^Aside from personal taste, the sole construction design of the Scout model [ie, 360 degree welt stitching], in particular__ a full unit rubber sole such as Morflex, Gloxi, Chrysty, Ripples__ work/look much better, IMO🤓
^If u examine closely, there's a thin rubber lining between the leather midsole & rubber outsole. This thin rubber lining is glued+stitched to the leather midsole__ the outsole is then glued onto [that] rubber lining. On posted pix by @sask, the rubber linings were stripped from its midsoles. The replacement outsoles [e.g., leather, Dainite, Commando, etc.] are then glued+stitched to the leather midsoles.
'Decided got too much natural trims in my boot stable, so DIYstained these w/indigo colored dye. We'll see how they evo ... Before: After:
•Why do u think I went for the unconventional ?! Boot horn dint work, in my case, cuz the added thickness of the horn made the lower shaft opening even more tighter.As for taking them off, I find it easier, actually__ since the leather had stretched out a bit during wear.The boot strap @ankle was kept @loose setting the entire time, during the break in process. Having less resistance allowed more movement__ i.e., to soften & make the leather more pliable.Using thin...
•U don't actually wear the plastic bag😂😂😂.A piece of plastic [bag] is placed @backheel to help the heel slide in ... as foot is pushed in + shaft pulled up ... once all in, the plastic comes off 🤓. It took about 2weeks of wear to finally stretch out the lower shaft.
Chelsea is 2050 ... I think it's the sleeker boot last version of the 2005Engineer is 2005 w/ EE-witdh. U need to 1/2 size up from 1035/2030 cuz it comes a tad shorter in length.
I'm E-width ... 1035 boots are 1/2 size up from the 1035 DerbyShoe, for me.
Of course you can treat a $300+ pair of jeans like Gap, if that's what u want ... boil them or w/e. But, if u have to nuke them to fit, you're missing the whole point of [this] exercise. Denim-fading is a hobby ... sports to some ... simply put, it's a process of "selective" indigo loss. Random rapid indigo loss on such expensive jeans, even before the start of break in, is literally money down the drain, IMO. Peeps got their own [esoteric] rituals. It's what...
U got a fit photo? If they're more loose than the bottom 5 fits in my photo, then maybe u do need to size down.
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