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Brought along on a 3-day Seattle-Gig Harbor trip: 1035 Ebony Latigo SD
1stly, country lasts are meant to be worn w/ medium to thick socks. For Stow & Allan, I went the same size as my Vibergs, [non-2030] since 4497s are 5-fitting. Maltons, I'm 1/2 down as they're 6-fitting. Grassmere Scotch Grain, eventho they're also 6-fitting, had to TTS as leather does not stretch much. Have not tried 4444. But, from what I've read so far, I think I can pull off a 1/2 down [as on the Maltons], but only on the Derby shoes. On boots__ since there's...
•Thanx🙏🏼 ... U got some fab boots acquisition, as well.I sometimes switch laces F/W & S/S just to break the monotony. Bought those laces @ConverseStore in SoHo. They make it @whatever lenght u want. The quality is much better than the pre-packed ones available in-store. The tips copper or something metallic, so they don't crack or fray.Actually, I'm thinking of asking if they can change the tips on the [spare] flat waxed laces I've put aside.
'Used to have apprehensions taking on Viberg 1035 due to fEEt size As it turns out, this particular last is the most versatile across [all?] of Vibergdom, IMO. The shape of the toe allows more forefoot access. A great feature for true E-E+ folks like me. Though not as sleek as 2030, 1035 unstructured & partially structured has lower profile toe ...even the fully structured toe is still lower, as compared to 2040/2045/110/310. As such, aesthetics work on both__ more...
^Don't own 2030, since it does not work for my fEEt size .... But, on the 1035s, I actually sized up 1/2 on both SD boots, from my 1035 GYW Latigo Derbies ... 🤔💭
@Broark : What size did u get on the Hopper? If u sized up 1/2 from your 2045, you're golden👊🏼
If ever there's another SF GMTO in the future__ I'd like a pair of Camel hides__ Non-black, preferably Natty ... In Chelsea or Derby ... 'Got enuff SDs, so don't care if if it'll be on flat GYW. I mentioned [that] to Guy F when we had a short chat @VibergSampleSale. He said they're finishing up the remaining lot of the black camel, then they "might" try testing other colors. I asked him why only black__ he' wasn't sure why ... might be cuz of the nature of the...
Don't know much about shoe/boot construction, but from what I know, the bobbin thread is waxed [its the bottom thread, outsole side]. The thread @midsole+welt & the bobbin thread lock stitch somewhere in the middle of the outsole__ each locking serves as a peg to hold fasten the outsole to the midsole+welt, even as the outsole stitch wears away ... The peg also serves as "plug" to seal & waterproof the stitch hole.
'Aight! As it turns out, the [brown] service boots are Ebony Latigo on 1035. Have not handled any, IRL ... So, please advise if I'm wrong. With regards to the eyelets, I think they're "acceptably" spaced apart. There's this bottom 1st & 2nd eyelets [*2nd photo] that're set slightly closer, but no one's going to bother looking that close & from that angle ... invisible, once boots get creases & scratches from wear.
Hey! Thnx🙏🏻 ... 2045 had been elusive ... maybe next year.'Seen a couple of familiar faces, like xchen [fromSuFu], but I usually keep to myself. I only recognize peeps from their loots. So, which dude were u?
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