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When are summer sportscoats coming out?
Are there summer sportcoats in short sizes coming?
Where do I sign up?
When in doubt, e-mail customer service. Dimensions on the site can be inaccurate and they can look into it for you.
Agreed. She should have just bought a fake, but high quality version of said purse.
You may want to try AO Original Pilots in 57MM. My brother has a fairly large head and they work well on him.If you're more into the teardrop shape, I believe RE Concordes come in 61mm.
chocosa, You definitely need bigger sunglasses. Or wider.
I believe your point is that sometimes it's difficult to separate both but that racism still exists. Correct me if I'm wrong.It is just exasperating to see attempts to diminish the importance of race in such instances, conscious or otherwise. See: OP's second question.
Le sigh. If I had a dime for every time a white person says that.
New Posts  All Forums: