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I've been reading up recently on Index Funds as a different way to invest my limited money, instead of letting it collect dust in a bank. I've read about a couple of the larger ones, Fidelity, Vanguard, S&P 500. I'm really just trying to wrap my head around exactly what the specifics of owning an Index Fund. I'm looking to invest a rather small amount (3,000 or so) and also not looking to park it for too long (1-2 years) How much do I get penalized or taxed for taking my...
Thanks for the reply everyone. It's comforting to know that a 4.0 isn't a direct ticket to the internship but I do have some concerns with my particular situation. I'm using some credits from another degree and they're not quite 3.0 material but there are quite a lot of them which I hope with the remaining credits I can boost my GPA to a 3.0 but it is definitely up hill. Also my university only offers visits and socials with the big four if you join the accounting...
Do not buy one house in Fairbury let alone 6.
There has been some talk on here about accounting internships about specifically about the Big 4. I've read the threads and after taking a look at my situation, My overall GPA will be a little lower than the requirements for the big 4 and am now looking into getting an internship at one of the mid level firms, just wondering if anyone had any experience in those interview processes as well as the requirements for being considered. Thanks a lot in advance.
It is sad, hopefully they will be able to avoid the lockout. I felt the NBA's momentum really gaining and with the NFL lockout they could've possibly gained some fans especially if they could avoid a lockout. Anyone else wish that Stu Scott would've left the teams alone and just let them celebrate. How does it feel to win a championship?!?!?
Losing to Panama was very disappointing as someone mentioned earlier, nothing less than a berth in the final would be a disappointment. Our defense seems lost. I understand that Panama was committing many players forward but we should still be able to handle that, especially the caliber of team that we have. It appears to me that our midfield is almost non existent and we are settling for back passes with our defenders doing too much of the distributing. All in all it just...
What kind of french films do you want to watch?
Quote: Originally Posted by racetrack Looking for a trench coat (with belt... or do all of them come with belts?). Don't want to spend more than $300 USD. I'd prefer the coat to be in a dark colour. This is merely hearsay but someone posted in the recent purchases that American Eagle had a pretty good trench coat. Upon search AE for it I couldn't find it. I hope someone else can help more than I.
I'm currently in college, and I'm in the beginning stages of a wardrobe overhaul and the only thing I can say is I'd rather "over-dress" then be seen in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I'm just not comfortable in the those types of clothes.
Quick question, Where do you guys find a lot of your pictures of old actor? Do you just use google images?
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