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Decent sale going on at hughandcrye.com right now. Shirts from $39 and Blazers from $149. Looks like they have most sizes left so far. http://www.hughandcrye.com
How often does this stuff go on sale? Oggling over the Carlyle Chambray http://bit.ly/KQd5Fs and thinking I may buy now w/ the student discount, and then buy again if it goes on sale w/in 60 days and "return" the new one as the first one I buy.
Nevermind... I found it
Do you get a reply from CM offering 20% off, or does it just come off automatically when you purchase something? I signed up for the emails and just got an email offering free shipping...
Seems that this has been sort of answered already, but I'm curious what sort of stretching I should expect in the Ladbrokes. I picked some up in a 31 last weekend in the 12.5oz denim and am a bit nervous about the thighs. The waist is great, the thighs are just a bit more snug than I'm used to (coming from a pair of well worm N&F Weird Guys that were are a bit big in the waist). Trying to decide what to do before I wear them for too long.
Thx. Ordering shortly!
When your site mentions sleeve length, is that best measured w/ a shirt lying flat, measuring the outside of the sleeve, from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff? Just trying to compare to my current shirts. Thanks!
haha, true. I guess it'll look better than what 95% of the guys I see wear anyway...
Yeah, I figure I could layer a sweater under it, or wear an over-coat in the winter. I guess I'm curious if linen is something that should only be worn when it's warm out, or if it's ok to layer it as well. (I understand that this is fairly subjective, just looking for sartorial guidance)
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