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jesus, grailed is a cesspool of scammers. what now for you though? are you waiting on paypal to make another decision?
I usually size up in everything
how do you size on these? measurements seem kind of on the bigger side
I wonder if they'll have any Uniqlo U stuff
nothing under Vaccarello has been released yet
lol those look like another designer trying to rip off the wyatt boot
do these ever go on sale?
http://click.online.ysl.com/?qs=012dcea8a4a04e2bb843b5deb49c2ead1ddd0743ec948db7de655c63efd1c6b2b333c1399d8ce7a8code is EXCLUSIVESS16
what are my options if I wanted to replace a pair of Safilo made lenses in my YSL sunglasses? I'm pretty sure this model is discontinued, plus their website says that they will flat out ignore messages regarding repairs/space parts. I'd like to get something as close as possible to the original quality and tint. Should I just take them to an optometrist?
-leather grained holdall bag from A.P.C -YKK zipper -front outer pocket with subtle ebmossed logo -pockets on both sides, one with snap-fastening -3 interior pockets, two on one side, one with velcro fastening on the other side -excellent condition overall base length from inside: about 18" height from base to top inside: about 13"
New Posts  All Forums: