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I've never heard of ANY store withholding taxes and duties upon a return, is that even legal? I just stumbled across this topic after realizing that I'm going to have to process a Yoox return. This is gonna be fun times -_-
Got a buyer with zero feedback, account opened in Jan of this year. Proceed with caution? Is eBay more likely to side with me (100+ positive) should he try something funny?
The shirts just come in different collar styles (the one you have is called Dylan I believe). I don't think there's two means of production at play (one "with Hedi" and one without).
definitely all authentic
Can I interest anyone in this shirt, size 39 http://www.cosstores.com/gb/Shop/Men/Shirts/Slim-fit_melange_shirt/15546457-14029572.1#c-24479 Fits damn slim, and I can't return cause I proxied. not asking for the listed price, so shoot me a message if you like
For sale is an authentic Saint Laurent Fair Isle knit sweater from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection "White wool-alpaca blend jumper from Saint Laurent featuring a high ribbed round neck, a grey and black Fair Isle knit pattern along the chest and back, hem and cuffs, a zip fastening at the left shoulder and long sleeves." This sweater has been gently used but is in excellent condition, no signs of wear Although the picture shows tags attached, the tags have been...
Does that hoodie fit kind of short like this guy's or is just wearing a size too small?http://www.ssense.com/men/product/saint_laurent/black_crewneck_leather_trim_sweatshirt/94503I'm never quite sure on their sizing, so far in the duffle and varsity I'm 48, shirts 50, tees a Medium. I have a sweater coming in size Large so we'll see.
Thanks, I'm in Canada but I'll send them an email and see what's up
Ah right on, I guess I'll go for the ones on the official site then, thanks.
is this colour available online anywhere? Can only seem to find them in black
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