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got them for a bit cheaper on a different website, this color is "Taupe" while the Ssense ones are apparently "Tan". Liking these a bit more though
do any stores stock rrl in toronto?
decided to go with the suede claude boots, stayed tts so I hope they fit
silly question but are these considered "pre-topied"? the stitching on the sole is still visible so I'm not sure. even if I wanted to have something put over them would a cobbler be able to grind down the rubber?
Does anyone know how these fit?
three pairs destroyed from regular wear?? doesn't seem like they're any good quality at all.
I'm selling a pair of shoes where I had a rubber topy placed over the sole. I had someone ask me if they were to remove the topy, would there be any permanant glue residue or something of the like. Gonna ask the cobbler I used, but I was just wondering if anyone here would know as well
For sale is a Saint Laurent men's wool sweater Size is Large but it fits quite slim. The colors are a deep red and navy, some of the pictures make it look lighter than it actually is. Please refer to the last picture for a more accurate photo Features a striped pattern and ribbed cuff and hem, the wool is nice and soft The condition is excellent, the sweater has had very little wear.
For sale is a pair of Saint Laurent 'Wyatt' harness boots in size 45 (12US, 11UK), the color is 'Ocher' These boots are from the Fall Winter 2013 collection, and not the current reissue. I personally think these boots are of a higher quality and look a lot better than the new 'Wyatt' models. There is some minor wear from regular usage, but the overall condition is excellent. A rubber sole has been professionally placed over the top portion of the leather sole. This...
anyone get a chance to try Girl by CDG and Pharrell? Been meaning to pop into Sephora for a sample
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