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The smallest APC denim size we usually stock is 27. These are generally always on order, as we like to have as much stock as possible since it's a great selling item for us. I'd say that pending availability from APC, any missing size should be in within a few weeks.
I think we should have that coming in for fall
We do not stock size 25 in these jeans, sorry about that!
Sorry for the delay! The code for the rest of the month is julystyle Good for 10% off of menswear. As per normal, this can't be used on Alden's and is not valid with any other promotion or discount.
As noted on the homepage, certain items/brands are excluded from this promotion. PM me if you have any specific questions.
This promotion actually ended on June 12th.
Standard shipping will usually be closer to longer end of the 3-7 business days to the west coast. We offer expedited shipping on orders over $75 for $4.95 which is 2-3 business days in transit, significantly faster to the west coast.
Yes, Engineered Garments items are excluded from special sales and promotions.
As of right now, looking like mid August.
I'll give your feedback to our buyers! Zanerobes are awesome. I've got 3 pairs of the Sureshot Chinos and I love them. They work great all year round.
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