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here it is I chose half liningarm hole stitch
I forgot to post the finished one. I received and pictured this suit on rainy day. I think drooping of the back is occured by high humidity. shoulder seam line sleeve seam
My one is KRW 1.9M, it's approx. USD1650. and KRW 1.7M(≒USD1450) is the starting prcie of Spolverino, Canonico is in this range.
a few of the shops(e.g. SEGI) used to have diffrent ratings which is seperated by labels(SEGI for example, They had 'Bespoke', 'Bespoke Classic', and 'Napoli Sarto') However as far as I know, these seperations are almost obsoleted.I picked it from Drago 130's bunch.
For the first time, I commissioned cumtom-made suit from another tailor shop, not Sartoria Vanni which I used to order a suit. The name of the store is 'Spolverino' I think a few of you guys living in Korea have heard of this shop. (BTW, as you know, Spolverino is an italian word meaning 'a jacket or a coat which is made without lining or canvas'. However, the store 'Spolverino' does not produce 'Spolverino-ed' suits only. and my one is lined and canvassed. Spolverino-ed...
Sorry for the belated relpy. Busy days because election is coming...(Of course I'm not running for it, I just work at the campaign camp)It is just a preference thing, Because width at cuff is close to slim look, so I thought it would be better to cut the pants at higher point.Wow... Thank you for your detailed reply, Despos. I've learned many things from your clothings in Made by Hand posts.1. Spacing of the buttons ; I haven't noticed it before read your reply and ask it...
Hello, Gents :-) This is the latest DB suit I received from my tailor. I intended to make it lighter and softer and roomier than my previous clothings. * I forgot to take a picture of the back. but back is clean, so no problem.
Is this authentic John Rich&Bros. Label? I saw one in ebay, and have searched but can't sure about the authencity.
I bought this shoes on impulse yesterday. and still considering whether refund it or not. Almost always I bought things on my plans and considerations. I know it's stupid questions but It confused me so I need your opinions. pros : Although I bought it on impulse, I still like its shape and material. it's suede. I need suede shoes. its last looks nice compared to its price and I do like its sleek silhouette. JL Chapel-like monk strap design, I think its not common. and...
Another one from the same store(Vanni) This one was directed by my friend. Italian taste(firenze-napoli? anyway) Han Rhan for Vanni Mediterranean Blue Mohair Suit, Ermenegildo Zegna;Trofeo fabric, Unconstructed(no pad, no canvas except the lapels and shoulder), 1-piece front(*no side panels) Mokin shirts, Roda pocketchief, LodinG shoes
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