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Gentlemen, What tie would you suggest for this shirt? I am having a hard time trying to figure out a color to use? Maybe a dark blue?
Made to measure.
Alright, This is the first time I am having a suit custom made for me. I usually just buy off the shelf suits from Boss, Bannana republic and etc then have them tailored. Done. But now I want a complete custom suit to fit me like it should. I am tall and skinny so all my shits always buckle up behind my neck because of my shoulders. My question is the following. Have any of you heard of Holland & Sherry fabrics? Are they good? The fabric I am looking at is black super...
hahah - but they are real girls. Not fake ones like the other ones do.
Hey Guys, I just launched a new iPhone app and just looking to get some feedback about the app, and was wondering if you gentlemen can help me out with this. The app is called Prospect List, its a dating app if you will but with a touch of social networking. I spent a lot of time on it and built it from the ground up. What makes this different the all the others? Well for one, its dedicated to mobile users only, as of now its only available on the iPhone but will soon...
Gentlemen, It's been awhile since I have been on here - but I just purchased a pretty bold shirt here - I love it - and it fits me perfectly - but I am having a hard time trying to figure out what kind of tie I should use with it. So any suggestions would be great. Shirt:
lol. pick up some fashion magazines and look how others dress in them. Walk around malls and etc - check out the stores you wouldn't regularly look at. What is your body type? are you short, fat, tall, thin, bulky? There is a lot of variables that come into play that you are completely missing. Please do some research trough this site and etc - and come back with some worth while info and not be so ignorant.
So I picked up a couple shirts today from the Tailor - and on my Zegna they sewed right over it - like it wasn't even there. WTF now I have this shirt with a Gusset that I cant even show. Is that normal practice?
VS is supouse to mean version tall people. failure on my end.
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