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Bidding on this tie, wondering if the tag was truly produced by hermes. The only ones I have seen did not have "Hermes Paris" written on the bottom of the tag. Does this signify an older tie? Any help would be great!
Anyone have a new or slightly used black or brown Hermes billfold wallet? Checked ebay and was outbid on a beautiful new one from france. Thanks guys.
Darn, won't be in town for the Hermes sale! Anyone have the dates for the next sale? Prices seem AWFUL cheap for new ties. Fake? Anyone bought from there?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel European slim fit cut and thsoe two names do not go together. They are good at what they do, and I would choose Ned over LS but realize that they are more Brooks Brothers than Borrelli. Do you know of anyone who makes reasonably priced MTM European style suits in NYC? I was thinking of stopping in to LS and seeing what they could do for me, but after your comments I seem to be looking in the wrong direction.
Quote: Originally Posted by dawit Jagiellonian University. Btw. Hello everyone My parents went there, what year did you graduate? Applied early decision to Baruch College Honors. Hope i get in!!
Well, ive got two new pairs of jeans, and even after a few washes the dye is rubbing off on my WHITE puma suede shoes! Anyone have any easy ideas for cleaning that work?
The rooms at the Hudson I found to be waaaay too small. I could barely walk around the bed. Also a bit too funky for me. The W Hotel at 51st and Lex (i believe thats the location) was very nice when I stayed there. Room service was pretty busy, even though I just needed a fork and knife it still took 65 mins.
ANyone know of a good tailor in the Cleveland area or suburbs? I'm in need of heavy alterations to a couple of suits. Thanks to anyone who can help!
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC The annual Prada Sample Sale will take place beginning Tuesday August, 21st. Location: 57th and Madison, The Fuller Building, 2nd Floor Dates: Tuesday, August 21 - Thursday, August 23 Hours: Tuesday August 21 - Thursday August 23 Appointments on the hour from 9a - 7p Registers close Tuesday through Thursday at 8p IMPORTANT: To...
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