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Quote: Originally Posted by blahman He not just standing too erect? He almost looks swaybacked.
I thought people only went to Prague for the hookers?
Quote: Originally Posted by mmmmpay I My question: Does being on my feet all day on a hard tile surface while not likely wearing a suit make investing in a fine pair of dress shoes impractical? Will I be replacing my soles too frequently? Will the relative lack of comfort be magnified by standing? Will a nice pair of shoes seem out of place when I'm not likely to dress beyond slacks and a sport coat, with a fair amount of cotton khaki wearing going...
You people are nuts. 8 days for Italy and France? 8 days is borderline for some cities. The train from Nice to Naples is 10 hours. That's using the high speed train. If he tries to do half that stuff in eight days. He'll be doing nothing but standing around train stations. Worse Mid August is Ferragosto with all the issues that brings. Are you open jawing the flights? If not it gets even worse.
I've got a couple of jackets that I think were intented to be MTM for the same guy. But I'm able to try the thing on. Turns out that the jackets fit me fairly well. I'm not sure I'd buy something that I couldn't try on. OTOH How different is this from buying an used altered item on Ebay?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex C Recently, I grabbed a pair of regular Levi's 514's. They feel rather soft and lame. I can't imagine these fading as well as the others did. Does Levi's regularly have this much difference in their denim quality without saying anything about it? My guess is you missed it on the label. Do a google search on Levi's 2nd Hand. It's a finish that's supposed to be similar to well broken in jeans. There are is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by runsurfswim Hey Guys, I'm gonna be in the Netherlands, but I figured that getting around Europe with the Railpass was easy. Ya just like doing a daytrip from NY to LA. With two weeks either stay put. Or become a student of train stations. If you really want to travel around look up Easyjet,Ryanair etc. Likely end up cheaper then Railpass. Then you can spend your time learning all the out of the way...
Quote: Originally Posted by GradSchooler but isn't part of the custom/bespoke process being able to specify the type of look you'd like, regardless of fabric?. Is that the house look? Or are you asking for them to do something they don't normally do?
Me may have thought you were the competiton and didn't feel like discussing prices on the phone.
Did you try a smaller size?
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