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Wow. Even with the close up it's pretty bland. How many people are going to be looking that close? From a normal viewing distance people will be yawning.
Actually most of us are on permanent beaver hunts. It's only the perverts that chase baby seals.
It's not worth their effort I don't know what product they sell but they may face territorial issues. MEC in Canada wouldn't ship some items to the US because their suppliers forbid it.
That photo alone should tell you to move on.
Zegna like Marzotto sell cloth to anybody willing to buy it. What they do with the material is up to the tailor.
Biggest difference between low end coats and better coats is the materials. The fabrics used in nicer coats IMHO have a far greater difference then those seen in suits. In other words the difference in the fabric used in a mid level suit and a higher level suit is closer then the difference between two coats . Once you've spent the extra money on the material construction costs aren't going to be a big deal so you don't skimp here either. But even a cheaper coat will...
Disciplined diet.If your problem is fat asking about your workout isn't the right direction.Not to be rude but at 5-4 140lbs you likely aren't relatively skinny. At that weight size you're either fairly muscular in which case you wouldn't need to be asking these questions or more likely your chubbier then you think.
Take the ferry to Italy. You're a lot better off then many people in small town North America.
The real problem with the question isn't how long is the string but what colour is it? He asks about high quality. What the hell does that mean?
I think they tend to sugar coat things a bit but not that bad
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