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You're worried about short sleeves but you're willing to wear just a vest???
I'd be really leery of online MTM. Stuff like that tends to be aimed at "average" If your measurements are right (I'm assuming tape measure and measured at the right spots) you're at higher then usual risk of a botched job. Look at the various results of the "average" buyers. Enough of those are botched. Ignore suits for now. Go with odd jackets. Prowl the outlets etc .
There is or was a standard. The problem nobody is forced to follow the standard. Just think about what you're asking . Slim fit for some means a suit designed to be smaller then standard. For others it means sizing down .
He said jean sizes. Factor in vanity sizing and all the other issues and while the drop is higher then average he might be "only" 8inch or so.
Maybe he means he has sold many used suits?
That's your idea of not drawing attention to yourself??????????????????????????This is less flashy
If it's a jacket it'll have an inside pocket tag with all the info.
I tend to agree with that but maybe his are.
He said he has big legs. If he does have big legs then going down in size risks the legs being painted on.How hard is it to find pants with low rise today? Especially at his height?
UPS/FedEx. Hand them a box. Just don't use ground shipping. I doubt you're bigger then the big US retailers like B&H that have been shipping all sorts of things across the border for ever.
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