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Oh where to start.You're 55kg and wear 34" pants? With 31 inseam?????????????????????You live in the US and you've heard of kg?You've never pulled up your pants before?
[quote name="NeedStyleHelp" url="/t/327781/help-me-design-a-mtm-bespoke-suit#post_5982629" I live in Toronto, more of a material that can be worn year round.  [/quote] Ain't going to happen. Toronto weather isn't going to work with compromises like year round suits. Either you'll freeze in winter or sweat during the summer. Plus winter versus summer also tends to include things like colour. Think in terms of something for two seasons. Maybe eight months. Considering...
Piano players in brothels
Footie PJs? What the hell. Are you camping? Get a Arctic camping bag.
What does that prove? You can go online and find parts for a 63 Studebaker. Doesn't mean it's not harder to find parts today.
What's up with that photo? Or are you really eight feet tall?
Around here women have been wearing biker boots for years. Most people seeing some one in biker boots is going to think they dressed out of the GF's closet.
[quote name="Thomas" url="/t/324315/straight-razor-vs-de-razor#post_5919868" Benefits: I haven't needed to buy a razor or replacement blades - and can't foresee that need coming up again, ever.[/quote] Assuming a DE means a safety razor then the things last forever. I stole mine from my father almost forty years ago . It's just harder today finding blades.
The back the shoulders. The vest looks like he outgrew it.
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