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It's going to vary some with the brand but I can't imagine a 42 being a 9.5 I'd say 41/42 are around 8.5. Some brands a 41 is a small 8.5. Others a 42 a big 8.5.
Don't you have a light weight overcoat? If it's 50F during the day you'll need to bring something for the evenings.
If only
Going only by the media reports the study seems strange.Weight was at death I think. You've got guys who are seriously ill and have lost a great deal of weight being classed in the low weight group. Even if their whole lives were lived at much higher weights.Of course the other issue is it ignores how long these people might have lived otherwise. If you're naturally long lived smoking,over eating etc might still leave you living longer then average.
Do you want them looking sloped? Then go that way.But he isn't talking about the overall look. He is saying one of your shoulders is lower. I'm guessing he wants to even out the look between the right and the left.
Pics? It sounds like a woman's sweater
Isn't that normal for a 16?
You'd get more answers if the photos were inline and people didn't have to click on each one.
Plus it's Christmas so who knows how big the backlog is
If you have the tracking number what does the Italian poste website say?
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