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[quote name="dbhdnhdbh" url="/t/309539/the-ethos-of-consumerism-and-luxury-consumption/105#post_6064311" the cleaners [/quote] Wasteful consumerism
Having known many people who grew up in that generation I doubt they'd agree with you. Wearing things until they fall apart is wasteful. It shows a lack of care for your things. It's what a child with no sense of money does.The problem with these threads is you've got widely different ideas of value,luxury etc. You can talk about those things in the macro but in the micro they're all too personal.I bought a new pair of hiking boots. Odds are most people wouldn't spend what...
You can call a duck a cat but it's still a duck. A trench is double breasted. It has a belt plus a few other features.5'8 is pretty much average.Okay it's not a trench but he's basically your height and wearing a light coloured coat.
With in the EU I'm not sure it makes a huge difference. Who is offering you the best deal?
A trench is what you wear when it's cool and rainy.An overcoat is what you wear when it's cold.They don't really overlap.The opening on the overcoat is covered by your scarf. Jacket.
Well a trench coat is double breasted so you aren't looking for a trench.The general rule is lighter colours make you look bigger. Darker smaller.
I'm assuming overcoat and not jacket.Purpose? Other coats?Blue will fill more needs. I'd get this one first. Or charcoal.
If you think that's okay then a vest with no jacket is just fine
I get the impression the last couple of years a few new sublines have come out. Including variations of the Milano. Milano short?
You wear a parka when it's cold. Not a little cold but COLD. It's not really a fashion statement.
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