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Plenty of brands today make coats aimed at being worn without a jacket. I doubt sizing up would work. Worse the printed size is only the chest. It doesn't tell you anything about the rest of the coat. I own coats from different brands ranging in EU size for 48 to 52. The 52 coats are the smallest and can only be worn with a sweater Dress how you intend to wear the coat then go into the shop and try it on. Look in mirror. FWIW from the fit pictures you posted I...
If you're really doing this you'll shrink. Muscle being denser then fat leaning out while staying at the same weight will make you less bulky.
Take a pic of the tag inside the pocket. It'll show what line you've bought.
The difference between brands ,models and even seasons is so large the question is impossible to answer. Go out and try stuff on. Some brands are boyish slim. Narrow shoulders. Relatively straight down to the waist (think minimal taper/drop) smallish arms. Some brands are athletic slim. Broad shoulders. fairly V shaped tapered drops. Some brands are just less baggy then the brands average cut.
IMHO 5% cashmere is more marketing then anything else. I'm sure somebody will come by to explain how it's weaved etc will matter more then anything. Maybe ask in the tailors thread so they'll see it.
Daily mail What do you expect for a MSRP of £999? It'll go into the shops at a discount to that. Then it'll go on sale for even less.
Your hips are smaller then your waist?
[quote name="CharlesKiehler" url="/t/202058/best-suit-makers-designers-for-muscular-build/15#post_6066878" 5'8", 220lbs with a 52" chest, 18" arms and a 36 waist. [/quote] If those numbers are even close to accurate then no chance OTR.
Maybe it's the lighting in the pic .Look above the buttoning point near the side of the chest/underarm area. It looks big. Shoulders also look a touch big. A back pic would help.
Maybe it's the lighting. I'm also wondering what a back pic would show. But. The shoulders look a little wide. The button point high. The pant rise low. Even the chest might be too big. Jacket might be too short. Tight? At the buttoning point maybe.
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