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That'll work well with the 40 inch chest
Any one cleared to broker cross border shipments is supposed to collect the correct duty and taxes. That includes the post office. It's not USPS that collects the money it's Canada Post. Like anything else you're dealing with the person working that day when your package arrives. It's this way for the Post,for FedEX, for UPS. There is a fairly low threshold for no duty tax ($40?)
If he is actually measuring then 8 to maybe 10inch drop. If he is going by pant size then almost certainly a lower drop.Lets accept he measured. Those aren't that out of bounds . Avoid the portly cuts. Have the pants taken in a couple of inches. He just needs to find a real shop that stocks longs.
I'd hit the outlets. Isn't there a Zegna outlet in the UK? Of course if you want to gamble for the cost of one online tie from the Zegna website you could get a Ryanair ticket to Italy and try one of the Zegna outlet shops. Winter sales should still be on for a few more weeks.
Honestly while it seems you've given some info it doesn't really tell much. What brands have you tried? Even with MTM you're going to be safer with a brand that starts out narrow shouldered then one that's broader .
The problem might be is that depending on the buyer it may or not fit like the normal tagged size.
If you think today's cameras are heavy my guess is you've never lifted a studio camera like the RZ67 or any of the 6x6 wedding cameras. Not to mention a field camera . Or god help you a banquet camera A "heavy" camera today weighs what one lens used to weigh.
This is a joke right? The thing looks like a carpenter's belt or something for the job site. Plus the ugly thing will be covered by a jacket. Thank god.
A shirt over an undershirt? Hmmm strange idea . If they'd wanted you to wear an undershirt under your shirt the name would have been clearer.
What's the deal with what? Even 30 years ago every wide spot in the road had a "tailor" Some were little more then alteration shops but most could make you something.If you're asking if local tailors can be good well all tailors are local to somebody.
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