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The problem is you can't even call that tight. That suit looks like your mother bought for you at the age of 12. You are still wearing it.
Looks real. The tag is ancient. OTOH it doesn't look dated. At least a quick glance doesn't shout old.
You're talking about rise like it's an objective absolute number. I'm shorter then you but a 10" rise would be low rise for me. 11 I guess would be at my natural waist.
Travel is one of the mainline (Roma,Milano and Travel). They are made for traveling -) So have features targeted at travelers. One of my overcoats is from the travel line. It's very light and with extra pockets. Some products have different materials. Lower wrinkles I think in some products.
Sizing for what?Shirts? V? If you mean a five then the number system has mostly fallen out of use in Italy. A five is okay for me but I'm a 16 shirt. 5/V being an Italian L usually.
Lounge suit. Formality of the lounge suit?I'm guessing if this forum existed 90+ years ago somebody would be lamenting all the dress down types in lounge suits.I'll go out on a limb and say this thread is a combination of US view point. A lounge suit has become almost formal wear fit for court. The fact that so few younger people ever see even a jacket.I wonder what the view point is of people that went to schools requiring a jacket.
Are they paying customers? Or are they being given free/discounted clothing?If somebody is allowing you to use their name I assume they're getting something back.
3) They have/had a longer torso then you.Why in the name of anything do you think the length of the jacket would be related to anything else?
Apple has less then 15% EU market share and falling for smart phones. The only reason it's higher in the US is all the subsidies from the phone companies. Does anybody think people worldwide will pay serious money for an Apple watch? Most of the set that wants something that stands out are drawn to size. Holding up a six inch phone to your head is a much bigger status symbol for that market segment then any watch.
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