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Try the tailors thread
Are you sure you're comparing apples to apples? That price jump implies different grades of fabric. Wool to cashmere for example.
If that's a Zegna tag I think it's ancient. Post the label. Value? Whatever somebody will pay. Color,condition etc
Where are you buying it? If it's from an outlet or a second then stuff like labels aren't always present.
Hey if you want to wear your hat wear it. Like I said Toronto is pretty open to ethnic dress.
I guess the hat goes with the boots?
Is that ethnic Australian? Hell Toronto is pretty open so if that's your native costume go for it.
If you've damaged the lining the wool is almost certainly burned. Ironing without a press cloth and I bet you're at high risk of shining the wool.
Performance is a fabric line. Traveler is a fabric line. Traveling is type of suit/jacket. Or is it the other way? Either way the line is mainline and normally no cheaper then Roma/Milano
Suits size is chest based. S /R/L is length. Length of torso. Sleeve length can be adjusted if the difference isn't too huge. Things like shoulders are more based on the suit. Some companies make wider shoulders. Some smaller.A one size change in suit doesn't tend to lead to a huge difference in the shoulder size. Waist is governed in by the style of the jacket. In part by the drop. The tag will say what the drop is. Normally suits are drop six. That means a 36 comes...
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