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Zegna makes different lines. But I'm going to guess you're narrow shouldered. Zegna will likely be too broad in the shoulder for you in the main lines.
Sounds like you're a fairly normal 36 or EU 46. I can't speak of Sweden but here in Italy with those measurements you wouldn't have much problem. Unless you're measuring really badly
You aren't really short. More average. Maybe short in Swedish terms but fairly average in Italian. No idea what your frame is like. Different people carry weight in different methods. What sizes do you wear? In other words how big is your chest and waist.
Post pic but smooth.
You all have obviously never met an Italian woman. The moment she starts ironing your underwear you'll understand
No and if you think it isn't pointing out the likely issue then :s
I'm guessing the OP problem is not trying on enough different brands. Slope of the pattern varies.
I even had shoes and socks.
If you're buying shirts S/M/L then you'll get whatever the company sticks you with. Dress shirts are sized by collar size. Do you know your collar size? Then start looking for brands with a body similar to yours.
Company being? Shop? Factory?Most shops aren't setup for international VAT free sales. If they don't collect they risk having to pay it themselves.Manufacturers are more likely to have an in house process.Usually when you buy something on vacation you then file for a refund.
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