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CMT has all sorts of possible issues for the shop.What happens if the buyer brings in too little cloth? Lousy quality? What happens if an accident happens and you ruin the customers cloth?When you place your label on something either you care about everything including the cloth or you don't really care about anything.So I'd wonder why would a shop that feels it's reputation has some value do CMT?
Classic clothing. When a man could wave his sword around in public
The people doing the hiring won't be checking labels. I promise he won't be strip searched either. You have to look at the suit. How does it look on him? If he doesn't look like a clown or Jed Clampett he'll get a pass. So safe colour? darker better then light Safe fit? Not too short. Not too tight. No flashing neon lights. No red nose. Worry about the other things more. Shoes clean? Tie tied reasonably well. Is he used to wearing a tie all day long? Or will he be...
Zegna makes a wide range of drops in all cuts. I have drop 9s in Milano and couture IIRC.
I think you misunderstood. Finding staple colours on sale can be challenge. Finding twelve cream jackets OTOH can be easy The sales normally start around Jan 6th. The Saturday after that date.If you're willing to gamble no harm cruising the outlets and shops when the sales start. At worst you'll waste some time . You can always buy when you get home right?
165 is the short range even in Italy. Size depends on chest and waist size. Weight doesn't really matter much. $2K AUD is what less then €1500? So three suits with an average of €500. You're either buying at the outlets and hoping to find something in staple colours and paterns. Or you're buying crappy quality in the normal shops. If end of the year you mean pre Christmas you won't even be here for the sale season. Of course with the economy sales seem to be happening...
Virtually nothing is 100% black. If it's close to black consider it black. Even if it's dark blue,green whatever.
Men are far more likely to be colour blind.
A middle aged cop notices your shoes. Is he wondering if you stole the shoes?If you're selling drugs to pay for the shoes?Is he offering you his billy club?Did he stroke your arm? Feel the fabric ?To answer your question women. But all the clothes do is change the type of woman.
Your jacket size. Where are you that 140lbs is average?
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