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Why anyone who could afford it would voluntarily endure coach class these days is beyond me.
Quote: Originally Posted by jackmccullough Allow me to suggest an alternative perspective: Grow up. We get older, our hair turns gray, some of us lose our hair. Just keep getting it cut shorter and you'll look like what you are: a man of your age. Don't waste your money, stay in shape, and you can still look good. Or, to put it another way, if it's good enough for Jean-Luc Picard, isn't it good enough for you? Damn straight. Society is...
How about Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins? For those of you who like the Sundays, I bet you'd like Cocteau Twins as well.
Melissa Theuriau is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Not just the most gorgeous news chick, the most gorgeous chick period. god.
I'll check those out. Actually, the wear I was describing was on the inner padding between the foot and the shoe, rather than between the shoe and the floor.
My house has stained concrete floors. They are hard and cold. Therefore, I wear slippers indoors year-round. Problem is, my slippers wear out in no time. The heel padding is destroyed in a matter of weeks, and the slipper then provides no padding against the hard floor. Can anyone recommend a brand of slipper that lasts - price no object?
Jovan, try this Fedora Lounge link
A dissenting voice here. I like rotary razors. I much prefer them to the foil kind. I've been happy with both Norelco and Remington.
With higher armholes, the jacket won't ride up when you raise your arms.
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph At full retail you can go bespoke with a custom tailor. That's my issue with full retail hence why I rarely do full retail unless it's complete bespoke. Agreed 100%. RTW is never going to fit me perfectly, so why pay inflated prices for it? I have paid full retail for MTM, though.
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