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I don't have the snuff, but I have the tobacco in an adelaide. The tobacco definitely has a subtle orange tinge, but I love them and consider them the most beautiful shoes I've ever owned. The below website picture is completely color-correct.
@Despos, which reinforces my point that if I had worked with you instead of cheaping out on internet MTM, you would have steered me clear of this mistake. I have learned the time-honored lesson that the cheap man pays the most in the end.
@ericgereghty, here they are against a white door, which may help you gauge the color. Other than the hideous pocket problem, they have the potential to be nice trousers for Dallas in July and August. They are very lightweight but don't seem flimsy or delicate. The creases are from shipping.
Gentlemen, Is it possible to successfully remove back pockets from a pair of trousers? I had some made with a VBC wool/mohair blend in cream. The cream turned out to be transparent and the rear pockets show right through in all their lovely detail. I'd be OK with leaving the pocket openings as faux pockets.
Coincidentally, I just received a pair of of VBC wool/mohair trousers in cream. You may have better luck with your darker colors, but my cream pair is transparent and my back pockets show right through and look ridiculous. These pants will only be wearable with a guayabera or other un-tucked type of shirt that completely covers the back pockets.This is an example of the risks of internet MTM. There is no tailor to ask you, "are you sure you want to make this mistake?"I...
These look like woolen flannels from the photos, but the weave is described as "twill". Does that imply that they are actually worsted?
@luxire, what is the typical lead time on these fabrics? I ordered some pants in VBC fabric at the end of April. Customer service told me that the fabric still hadn't been received 6 weeks after my order date.
How are you guys doing on delivery time? I'm now at 8 weeks and counting for a pair of pants. At 6 weeks they told me the fabric hadn't arrived yet.
What is the URL for this blog?
I'm confused about what exactly Dormeuil Ice is. Here is the marketing description from Dormeuil's website:Dormeuil’s take on flannel! Ice is an incredible mix of wool for warmth and nobility, mohair for shine and performance and cashmere for softness and comfort. The innovative finish gives the fabric incomparable brilliance and creates a very elegant “glazed” effect. Silky Touch flannel is now part of the collection alongside other more traditional flannels.Given all...
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