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Guys, how long ago was the Rutledge discontinued? That was a beautiful shoe, I'm sorry to have missed an opportunity to buy.
I suggest you just cut off the thread and start a new one. If you wait until you've crafted the perfect first post, it'll never happen.
Wow,@M635Guy those look great! What is your care routine and how old are the shoes in the front?
Love the Bresciani herringbone.
I have two pairs of shoes on the 65 last (Strand and Park Ave.) and one pair on the 201 last (Bartlett). FWIW, I've noticed that the Bartlett on the 201 is noticeably snugger in the arch area (snug from side-to-side, not from top to bottom) than my 65 last pairs. Otherwise, they feel pretty similar.
@Jazzmenco, tell me about those fantastic socks.
I never would have thought to try a sock and shoe color combination like that, and it looks fantastic. Good job.
Bresciani socks (they are unexpectedly sheer BTW), AE Bartletts, MTM flannel trousers.
Suede Strands with Dainite soles. Picked up on website clearance as firsts for $277. They look great with both wool trousers and chinos. Please forgive the ratty socks.
That matrix is helpful. Thank you. AE needs something like that on their website.
New Posts  All Forums: