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Who is the maker on these? They are gorgeous.
For anyone who has recently received an order, what was your lead time between order and shipment? I'm trying to decide how long to wait before contacting Luxire for an update on my trouser order.
It is interesting. My first impression when I looked at the front view was that it could use considerably more waist suppression. But when I looked at the back view it seemed it needed little or no additional suppression. Not sure whether anyone else agrees with me or - assuming I'm not nuts - how the discrepancy would be addressed.Love the fabric. I'm definitely going with a WSL blend for my next suit.
@luxire has mentioned on this thread that if you are having communication problems through other methods you should send a StyleForum PM to Luxire. I suggest you give that a try. Although I haven't tried that myself, it is worth a shot.
Tobacco Suede Adelaides on the Rain last, in EE width. Just arrived. These are my first pair of Carminas. All I can say is wow. These shoes are a knockout. I got these in the same size as my AE 65-lasted shoes. My first impression on fit is that they feel similar to my AE 65-last shoes in EE, except a touch wider in the instep and a bit narrower in the toe box and heel. Instep height feels identical.
I ordered a pair on April 17 that showed the 45 day backorder period and received notice today that they had shipped. So 22 days. YMMV.
That is a beautiful coat.
I suppose I ask because when left to my own devices I tend to err in the direction of over-structured (my tailor has had to pull me back from the brink). I mentioned Edward Sexton because I could see myself going that far (his shirt collars excepted). Although I'm pretty sure this tendency wouldn't get me in trouble with a city worsted, I'm uncertain whether it would render weird results in, say a herringbone tweed suit.
I have a question about congruence between fabric and cut. Are certain cuts only appropriate at certain points along the country/city continuum? For example, it seems that an Edward Sexton ultra-structured cut would look bizarre on a linen suit. But both a country tweed and city worsted may stand up to the whole range of cuts from sack to structured.
That chair is fantastic. I want.
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