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How are you guys doing on delivery time? I'm now at 8 weeks and counting for a pair of pants. At 6 weeks they told me the fabric hadn't arrived yet.
What is the URL for this blog?
I'm confused about what exactly Dormeuil Ice is. Here is the marketing description from Dormeuil's website:Dormeuil’s take on flannel! Ice is an incredible mix of wool for warmth and nobility, mohair for shine and performance and cashmere for softness and comfort. The innovative finish gives the fabric incomparable brilliance and creates a very elegant “glazed” effect. Silky Touch flannel is now part of the collection alongside other more traditional flannels.Given all...
There is some great writing on this one. Check out this post.
Appears to be dead as of Dec. 31, 2014.
Wow, these are stunning.
Permanent Style - I wonder how much of a PR discount he gets, because he must have a few hundred thousand worth of bespokewear if valued at full retail. Those prone to envy may wish to avoid. Gentleman's Gazette - good for historical details and in-depth discussion of the basics. Made by Hand - great in-depth tailoring blog with garment tear downs and analysis. Alas, few posts as of late; @jefferyd must be too busy at his day job.
Who is the maker on these? They are gorgeous.
For anyone who has recently received an order, what was your lead time between order and shipment? I'm trying to decide how long to wait before contacting Luxire for an update on my trouser order.
It is interesting. My first impression when I looked at the front view was that it could use considerably more waist suppression. But when I looked at the back view it seemed it needed little or no additional suppression. Not sure whether anyone else agrees with me or - assuming I'm not nuts - how the discrepancy would be addressed.Love the fabric. I'm definitely going with a WSL blend for my next suit.
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