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In the Baltimore area, I like Zeke's Coffee. Right now I'm drinking the "Sarasoto Select" - a nod to the Orioles Spring Training. It can be a little bitter for my taste if you don't get the coffee/water mix just right, but overall it's good. Zeke's has two other blends that I like - Tell Tale Dark and Snake Hill River. I also like a couple of the Counter Culture coffees served at Patango in Fells Point, as well as, Elixr Coffee offered at Tribeca Coffee Roasters in...
Jazzmenco, Nice boots...who makes them?
What boot are you wearing?
Does anyone know when the next Santoni Shoe public sale is?
I'm interested in the C & J Milton boot (348 Last). I normally wear a US size 8.5/9.0. What size should I wear based on C & J sizing?
I still like Acqua di Parma Colonia for its rich scent that I enjoy wearing any time!
I'm digging the Duc De Vervins (DV) by Houbigant Paris and Kiton - Men. Both are nice summer time fragrances, but DV is definitely "year-round". I find the Kiton a bit light and doesn't seem to last as long on me. But, for a nice elegant scent - Clive Christian 1872.
I'm looking for a pair of wool 5 pocket jean style trousers. I have seen them made by Kiton, but am interested in other brands as well. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of 4 Stroke Warsaw-Newskin jeans?
What type of shoe would you wear with narrow leg suit pants with 2" cuff?
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