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Thanks. Didn't see that color anywhere. Gorgeous.
My lord. What coat is that? Know the name or season?
Do the Camoshita maroon corduroy easy pants fit true to size? So hard to tell with that elastic waist measurement.
Been awhile. Fell prey to the Mr Porter sale. Camoshita, APC and Guidi: And a Geller vest from Frances May:
The Mr Porter EU sale started simultaneously. I got a pair of Guidis for $700, then found them on EU for 420 euros. Bought them again at a size up. Hopefully I can wear an insole.
Is this a joke? Maybe I'm out of the loop to not get it but this is a women's sunglasses site?
What's a good place to get frames for glasses? Can't ever find anything I like. Looking for something rectangular-ish and not huge.
These are going to be Blue and Cream right? Just noticed that the colors underneath the sizing say charcoal. 1x Deep Blue Basket Weave Beanie - One size fits most / Dark Marled Charcoal for $25.00 each 1x Cream Basket Weave Beanie - One size fits most / Charcoal for $25.00 each
Mcfly- get creative with some sort of leather patch or something you can sew on to cover the stain. It will look like a designer detail. Or stitch some similar fabric all the way around the leg.
As I gradually pull out my winter stuff I'm reminded how perfect the Bee cardigan is from a couple of years ago. Of all the things I've ever bought in more than one color because I liked it so much, it's the one I'm really patting myself on the back for.
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