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Stanley thumb Buren, You've got a pretty cool life man. Nice to see a little window into it, as always. Parker, That jacket is obviously amazing, but I feel let down by the rest of it. Seems like there is a best of WAYWT fit in your closet somewhere involving that jacket, and it doesn't involve any of those other items.
Any stockist still have the Brown cinch pant in 32 or 34 ? I just realized I must have them.
Sweet. Which variation of EG pants?
Choosing/buying/styling/wearing clothes is a craft, like anything else. As much as some people might believe that they were born with style, most people cultivate it, one way or another. Sometimes the best way to learn a craft is to have someone give you tough love about how bad you are at it. Of course individuality plays its part and you need to guard against groupthink. But I'd bet that people who post in this thread will arrive pretty much at the same place...
Any current codes for the Corner? (EU)
Hirsh, where do you live? Just curious.
I never wanted a double breasted jacket until now.
Any European dealers yet?
Got the linen pants and stretch jeans. Stretch jeans look fine and are unbelievable comfortable. Linen pants are pretty weak.
I don't wear anything with earth tones, so that eliminates about two-thirds of that collection for me.This shirt looks interesting:And these shorts: [[SPOILER]]
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