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It does resemble a fish getting stuck in plastic can holders. Respect, Toasty.
Pretty sure next fit belongs to Toasty.
Depends on the jacket, but they can definitely be cut a little small to size. I've had to size up before, although it felt more like a chest issue than shoulders.
OMG that is masterful, just wish those were plain white shoes.
Too much "going out shirt" vibe for me, and I'm generally not a fan of shiny dress shoes with jeans. But I'm a big fan of Ghana, so you've got that going. @the kidcrash Those are both killer looks, but I think the bottom half of the first fit is a little off and keeps it from being perfect. Not sure if I'd just like to see different shoes, or maybe slightly less volume on the pants to accentuate the lines of the top.
Nice one Conceptionist. I was drooling over that MH parka forever. Did you size down?
You look great dude. But what did the guy behind you think of this one? I guess he must be the bass player.
@Superb0bo @zissou I got those trousers custom made from the Leder store in Berlin (they were sold out but had some fabric left), but I believe you can find them at some of the .jp stockists from the list I posted in the Leder thread.
Cool pics. Got a real '70s vibe going.
I actually like that Bene fit. Has a DvN feel to it with the different patterns and the textures blend nicely.
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