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Reminiscent of the pockets on the spring bomber. Nothing you can see from the outside, but the stitching underneath prevents your hands from sitting comfortably in the pockets. You kind of have to do the Vulcan greeting if you want to keep them in there.
Same for me, actually. Always thought I was 5-10 and just confirmed recently I'm 5-11. I've been working a lot on my posture for the last several years so I thought maybe that had something to do with it.I have no butt though, and my KKA jeans are my favorite.
How did you get the waist measurement? I'm a 32/M in most things but it usually comes out to 33-34 aligned. Don't think I can fit in an actual 32" aligned waist, but wary about ordering a 34 since I am rarely 34 in anything.
@thatoneguy , @ManofKent , @el Bert with three inspirational fits from the non-black/-navy universe. @Synthese Come on, dude!
Stanley, I was just going to post the other day that you remind me of Maxwell Smart. I have no doubt you've got some Bond in you, but you're going to have to sharpen up.
I think we have different ideas of what athletic means. For me, the bold part above is sort of the definition of an athletic body type. I think of athletic as strong and flexible, capable of making quick and supple movements. From a ballet dancer, to a tennis player, to a point guard... these are prototypical athletic body types to me. I don't think "jacked".
I'm talking about every day people Lorcan. I realize there are people at the top of the genetic pyramid that carry clothes very artistically without looking overly strong or athletic. For most people, getting in shape and becoming more athletic means looking better in and out of clothes. Not sure that's debatable!
I got the parka from last Mr Porter sale and if it's anything like that just size down 3 and bring some tent poles.
Guys with broad shoulders probably look better in SS than narrow-shouldered dudes. That goes for most clothes and most athletic features of the body. The more athletic you look, the better you look in clothes. See Regis and Kgfan for example. Once you stop looking athletic and start looking like a body builder, it's a different story, but that goes for all clothing and same is true for being flabby. A lot of SS pieces are unforgiving though, especially those fuzzy crewneck...
WOW that's great @RegisDB9
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