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Relative to the other things discussed in this thread? Bene's taper being 1/2 inch too long? The length of kgfan's sweater?Yeah, I made it pretty clear there was nothing inappropriate about the fit. I have no idea if he's a student. I see a guy in a stately room waiting by the door, it looks like he's waiting for an interview or a meeting. He knows to ignore what I said if it's a casual setting.
Completely serious. Tie and jacket with button down collar is a casual look. Nothing wrong with it in a vacuum. I'm just inferring from the setting in the photo, along with the pocket square, that it's not a casual day. But maybe it is.
Really great look Teger, although I wish the belt was darker. Jacket fits great. Did you know the button-down collar was invented by polo players to keep their shirt collars from flapping in their faces? I just learned that myself. I personally would never wear a button-down collar with a jacket and tie, but that's personal preference. But judging by that photo, you seem to be in a serious setting not really appropriate for dressing down a jacket so unless the pic isn't...
That's not the pupal. It fits TTS, as in the same as all his other heavy knits. M= IV, S= III. It's very heavy and yes you should get it. edit- I believe that was the IJEVAN crewneck. It's from FW12 and I would be wary that it shrunk in the wash because I have the 4 and in no way does it fit like a 3. If you're comparing it to your SS shirt size, then you would say it fits like a 5, but never a 3. Ask him if he's laundered it. I'll be glad to measure my unwashed size 4...
lmao, those pants are too small. Nobody wants to see that. Bene, maybe it's the camera angle? The whole thing looks typically awesome to me, with the exception of the white sneakers with dress socks (or what look like dress socks) which I would always avoid.
I'm in awe of how good you are making those trousers look.
I have these in 43 and they fit very small. I haven't worn them because I'm a true 43 and they are too small for me even without socks. If that's the size you are looking for by any chance I will give them to you for a fraction of what Forward is asking. Here's what they look like IRL. [[SPOILER]]
RO Heavy calf Stooges 46 http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19356
@canstyleace Here's what I meant by dialing up the bottom to match the top for a runway fit. Forgive me for MSpainting the bottom half of a Yohji model onto the pic you removed. Maybe this isn't perfect and I know we all can't just flip through a YYPH show to pick out which trousers we'll throw on, but hopefully you can see what I'm talking about. Baller coat + baller scarf demands baller trousers. *Some EG trousers might work too. The important thing is the texture....
Telling bene to stop wearing tapered pants and those gats is like telling Tagutcow to change his haircut.
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