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+1 Bene's fit looks really comfortable. Those trousers are nice.
Not sure those threads should be mixed. Drinking while baller boot shopping can be dangerous.
I usually pick one, but couldn't decide so I voted for Ivwri, Kong, and agvs.
They look great.
I'm not talking about his wardrobe as much as his nature. Even if he threw away everything and started over, I don't think those boots are him.
Don't think those boots fit bene's style all that well tbh.
That looks like a band collar double rider. It's different from the one in the product photos unless I'm going insane.
But why doesn't the zipper stop there?
I wish I knew what's going on with that collar on the rider. I don't see how it can look like that by flipping the collar up. The product photo for the preorder shows a typical collar with a symmetrical notch in the lapel.
Disclaimer: I have the Sage in the Night fabric (wool). Not sure if every variation is hanger-friendly.
New Posts  All Forums: