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That's the best I've seen from you @il_colonnello
Synthese and ThatOneGuy for me. Honorable mention to Zissou, Kgfan, and UrbanComposition.
Isolation, That Qlo piece is great for wearing under a coat but I don't know if I'd make it a centerpiece for your buttoned-up fits. It's not strong enough for the role you're giving it in those outfits. needhelp, That's pretty solid. Might be better with a different sweatshirt/hoodie Aux, Great jacket. Fits you really well.
You need to sell the coat to someone on SF. Who's up for the challenge?
I meant the cardigan, but I guess it's just really similar:
Kitsune? I can't decide if I should dye mine, since I don't wear that color well but I like it.
This is my favorite piece from that collection. Just couldn't allow myself to pull the trigger on yet another coat. But looking forward to seeing a fit pic if it works out for you.
WTF? You know better than this.
If this is it, it took me about 9 seconds. http://www.mercury-japan.jp/item/attachment-as51-273-930/
What is dead may never die.
New Posts  All Forums: