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That is really good. Especially the jacket. Would love to get a hold of that.
Nice to see that Dries piece. Waffled a lot over it at Totokaelo, although maybe that was a different colorway. Lmaozedong - IMO, the bigger problem with your fits is that you've got some thick legs and those jeans are too tight. Loose trousers would look a lot more comfortable.
This thread needs more of that. So rare to see actual criticism in here these days. It's hard to generate any productive discussion without honest feedback but nobody seems willing to offend regular posters anymore.
I know they mean well, but those guys talking about your jackets being too big in the shoulders are ridiculous.
There's a reason Red Red Japan never really got off the ground.
I think you need help Occulta.
Kidcrash that fit is nearly perfect. Pants are Lawlercon gets infinite respect for that first photo and giving no fucks about his facial expression
I don't get that belt on the Massimo at all. Ruins it for me, unless it does something other than hang down conspicuously when not fastened.
Fuschia bomber looks good, but it doesn't appeal to me as much as some of his others have. Personally, I don't like that fit Haya. I think the sloping shoulders of the bomber matched with tapered lounge pants give it an overall pear shape that reminds me of a soccer mom's quilted jacket over sweatpants. Interested in seeing it with some straight leg jeans and boots or something.
Those CCPs are great rock and roll stage boots.
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