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Maybe it has something to do with the collective evolution of the site, with many of us "coming of age", for lack of a better term, stylistically over the last several years. And so the group that has a good idea of what we're doing has gone from the minority to the majority, which naturally creates a less welcoming environment for noobs to ask questions, start threads, contribute to discussions, and post fits. New posters used to be just one in a crowd, trying to figure...
You would never guess it was too small by looking at it.
Needs a machete or some piece of farm equipment. What's your height/weight/chest size please? Also, is that fabric just straight brown, or any other tones in there?
Whoa, I think that's my favorite if the color is true to the photo.
Check his signature.
Windowpane fabric is such a bold choice and looks amazing. May I recommend leaving the hood in on that one? It's such an interesting piece, I think the hood works great with it. Since you have two, why not have one hooded and one hoodless?
No idea on the name. Here's a texture shot:
SS has so many grails to revive. Why repeat the merino when you could have this?
Maybe he just hates everything.
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