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Bought this from the NMWA sale, in which it sold out of all sizes. I'll pay shipping to US or Europe. Elsewhere ask for quotes. Please include any paypal fees in your payment. Wool blend. Made in Japan. Measurements in inches: Shoulder 17.5 p2p 20 Sleeve 26
fwoedit- those are both insane and it's like asking which Supermodel you should sleep with. I like the bison in that photo.
I like the RRL brown leathers for their rugged ranch hand vibe. That one feels like a clash of styles with the fashion zips.
Looks like the Caucasian.+1
Uh oh SF In the past few seasons, various fashion-forward young men have been spotted wearing large cashmere blankets instead of scarves, piling up the folds of fabric around the neck, shoulders and chest. Not only does it give you the silhouette of an ice-cream cone, it makes you look as if you’re on a duvet day. But in public. Be a man, not a sofa – leave the blanket at home.
Zam x 2 and Siki Im x Guidi leather (Thanks to whomever posted the link in the kop thread, although really worried about the fit)
Wow Bene. Please give us Sage fit pics.
notwithit, I love that coat. I was going to ask who makes it and then I saw it was Dana Lee and then I realized I own it. It's the waffle blazer right? I didn't recognize it with the collar up. (But I don't like the olive beanie with those colors.)
Anywhere else carry the navy ombre cutoff shirt? This one: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2935/navy-ombre-cutoff-oneup-shirt Looks like you need to size up based on measurements so I need a L.
DLester, sorry bro but I'm going against the grain. The coat almost looks regal, and doesn't work with such a casual outfit. See Ghostface's phenomenal fit for how to wear a dramatic coat. Bene had the same problem recently (IMO) with his fit with what might be the same coat. If you just switched the white jeans out, it would probably work for me.
New Posts  All Forums: