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It's a conundrum. You could sleep on it, then make a list of pros and cons and maybe go back to the store and see if there's something you hadn't considered. Some photos from other angles might help.
That is gorgeous. Nice find.
DBSS by a country mile.
I'm a 9UK in Lanvin and a 10 in most shoes, and 43s are even snug sockless. I wear 44s in GATs and 43.5 sockless.
Try wearing them without the laces if you like them. I size down 0.5 from my normal GAT size if I plan on going laceless.
Great jacket MoK!
Drew needs to post a photo of an empty warehouse with someone halfway out the door reaching for the light switch.
I get that it strikes a cord. Like I said, in theory it's pretty cool. I like it more after knowing what it is.
I approve of this attitude and say go for it if you want. But as a general point, compliments are a bad way to gauge approval, especially for something gaudy. You could replace the necklace with that toy Brad-t posted and you'd get just as many compliments, probably more. People are always going to say "Nice thing!" because it's standard social behavior when a friendly person interacts with someone wearing something garish.
New Posts  All Forums: