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Good post KGVII and good point about Yohji. Trial by Yohji is an expensive and difficult way to learn. The problem I see Isolation having is not that he lacks an intuitive sense of style, because almost nobody lands here for the first time dressing like an all-star, but his unwillingness to adapt. The things I'm hearing are the same things I hear from other people who never seem to get it and it's a pattern I recognize early. SF: "X,Y, and Z are bad." Poster: "Those...
CD, that floral shirt you paired with the white jacket for the last challenge looked fantastic. You just needed a better bottom half to go with it.
Marsell shoes are really nice and you can tell they are made with love, although I can't speak to the durability. The styles range from beautiful to atrocious and I think they would be featured here a lot more if they didn't have so many models that were ugly.
Parker, since he really embraced the boldness. Would have gone Dockers, but those jeans are just too much.
It's a conundrum. You could sleep on it, then make a list of pros and cons and maybe go back to the store and see if there's something you hadn't considered. Some photos from other angles might help.
That is gorgeous. Nice find.
DBSS by a country mile.
I'm a 9UK in Lanvin and a 10 in most shoes, and 43s are even snug sockless. I wear 44s in GATs and 43.5 sockless.
Try wearing them without the laces if you like them. I size down 0.5 from my normal GAT size if I plan on going laceless.
Great jacket MoK!
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