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That is relaxed and effortless Bene.
These are size 9.5 US but fit big (assuming you wear them sockless). They were a little big for me so I bought a second pair (see photo.) They are the perfect slip on. So light and the lining is soft and furry and the leather is very supple. This pair was barely worn before I decided to size down. Retail was $250. Verified Paypal addresses only. Shipping from Europe.
The perfect white sneaker, and especially comfortable to wear sockless. They are a little small for me (I'm 10 US) so I'm not going to keep them. Verified paypal addresses only.
This is great except for the shoes.
Hear, hear!
The Tim Coppens stuff is nice and some odd sizes still available. http://www.mrporter.com/mens/sale/designers/tim_coppens?sl=true
Girl: Do you like these shoes?Me: I'm not sure about those zipsGirl: Zips are trendy. Lots of the big designers are using them now.Me: Do you buy what you like or follow trends?Girl: Sometimes I follow trends. You don't?Me: NoGirl: Then why are you always on that gay site? [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I meant the patch. Not a big thing though obv.
This is great. I like the Oliver Twist vibe. Proportions are good. It's a subtle thing, but I kind of wish your footwear was a little more tattered to go with the jacket. I think boots are better than derbies for the proportions, but I just wish they were beat up and didn't have the silver buckle or whatever. That's really nitpicking though.
It's not a great photo to judge the fit of the shirt, but it looks too big to me. I feel the same way about this as I did someone else's fit a few days back which is that some shirts look good oversized, and drapey, (see every shirt Lorcan wears) and some look good crisp and ironed and any extra fabric seems like a mistake. This shirt seems like the latter. (There are exceptions, I realize.)
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