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Did anyone else order? That green bomber looks amazing. Wish i could trust the color but I had to go with black to be safe. WIll regret it if it really looks like this. Also picked up this coat, which I think is perfect.
I've been burned so many times trying that I had given up hope.
One thing I think people missed about the Sage is that if you tuck the shawl all the way in so you can barely even tell it's there, the jacket looks phenomenal. Just b/c the piece has a shawl doesn't mean you have to show it off. But it does look good, and maybe better, with the shawl turned out. Just let it drape naturally. Don't try and prop it up on your neck like that. It will settle fine on its own. I'd do something different underneath it as well. I can't tell if...
I don't have any photo tips but that Sage is an amazing piece and I know you can do it better justice than that.
The second shirt looks fine. Roll the sleeves up and wear it with jeans. After a couple of washes, have the sleeves shortened. Shirts are incredibly difficult to get perfect and if you do get MTM you better hope it doesn't shrink or you don't expand. So basically, I always try to get them a little roomy and not stress too much about it. The one thing you don't want to do is wear it like that with the sleeves hanging long by your thumbs, because then you just look like you...
Sick burn.
Intarsia looks a little tight to me compared to the other.
Beckham looks pretty goofy there. My hat fantasies are better than that.
In my experience dress shirts and suiting are about 1/2 to a full size tight and everything else is TTS.
Generally I agree with this, but those boots strike such a perfect note for that fit in every other way that I do think it's nitpicking (and I am a big nitpicker) and I wouldn't change a thing. I really want some cinch pants.
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