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Great attitude, I just don't think those colors go together at all.
@conceptual 4est the sizes aren't listed on the site.
@Neofinitia what are those sandals you always wear? They look comfortable.
b&s pics are actually the bigger reason. I have like 100 things I need to sell. gettoasty, I know what you mean. But I live in a loft apartment downtown with no elevator. It would be worth spending a little to just be able to take great photos in my living area with poor lighting. I know I can take pics after I leave the house, but I never do that and just would like the convenience of doing it at home. Now if you're telling me that a DSLR won't solve my problem because...
The more I deal with poor customer service and the hassles of online shopping, the more I appreciate the businesses that put the effort in to make it easier for me to shop, so part of me wants to stand up for them when it's taken advantage of. I don't think you're a horrible person or anything, but Forward's service is obviously not intended for someone to try an item and send it back so that they'll save the return shipping from another store. You're basically just using...
I've tried. There isn't one.
You ordered/returned it from Forward just to try it on so you could buy it elsewhere? That is really weak IMO. I've tried that piece on and the fabric is incredible. I would have bought it except the neck does this bacon ripple thing I didn't like instead of laying flat.
I'm thinking of trying to improve my pics with a DSLR camera. What's the recommendation du jour for a solid basic one?
Margiela meets Dana Lee.
Biggskip, if you like Sherilyn Fenn, you should watch Meridian and Two Moon Junction, although not for the screenwriting exactly.
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