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I just remembered I'm Noctone's size. Would you mind copping a dozen or so Geller bombers in 48 as well?
Even Stefan himself finds the implications of this disturbing.
@Noctone have you lost your senses, or am I reading that wrong? You preordered 6 different versions of the Thinner jacket?
They look too tight. Jacket looks great though.
damn that massimo in black. Wish I could drop $700+ on a light jacket without feeling guilty.
Sup Alexandre?
I have never listened to Bruno Mars and don't particularly gravitate to his style of music but I thought he was brilliant and stole the show.
Bene, it does look better there.I will defer to you then.
Just personal taste. You seem to have found a groove with the more refined, minimalist Schneider pieces and that one seems more like a holdover from previous level Bene. "Why go for a clean, solid crewneck when you can have a turtleneck in this weird pattern" is sort of what I imagine old Bene saying.
You're right. The trousers would probably be fine in a different fit and the shoes are obv fine. I just don't think that fit works as a whole. I still think that turtleneck is bad though.
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