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Mcfly- get creative with some sort of leather patch or something you can sew on to cover the stain. It will look like a designer detail. Or stitch some similar fabric all the way around the leg.
As I gradually pull out my winter stuff I'm reminded how perfect the Bee cardigan is from a couple of years ago. Of all the things I've ever bought in more than one color because I liked it so much, it's the one I'm really patting myself on the back for.
MA+ coat is really sick. And always love me some Leder.
I hope those are peeled.
I kind of like the colorful tee Metranger. Robe looks killer.
That's about the coolest coat I've seen in this thread. Boots are indeed awesome as well.
Alexander, that's my favorite fit of yours I think. The hat's a good look for you. Only problem I have with it is the cuffs, which remind me of how bros like to cuff their shirt sleeves for visual interest. I really cringe at that, even though I know others on here do it that way. Get them tailored IMO. Oulipien, those pants are brutal. People will compliment you anytime you wear something outlandish in your outfit. They are just being friendly. What else are you going to...
Best shirt this season. Sold out in a flash at whatever other store I saw it at while the other plaid was untouched.
Which one is that Cyc?
Marsell has some really cool ones but you have to find the right model in the right season because most of them are just weird.
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