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I have last year's Great Coat in black so I can't be tempted, but those slant pockets look like an upgrade over the flap pockets on mine simply because the fabric is so stiff that the flaps are always sticking up. Fabric looks amazing.
Hey guys. Any idea when the FW Leder stuff will be out?
That suit is great. Sick photo Rais
Margaret Howell knit size M 70% off Mr P USA http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/margaret_howell/melange-cotton-and-cashmere-blend-sweater/654070?ppv=2
Don't worry dude. You're going to have plenty of chances to repeat this conversation in the future.
I'm not an activist or anything and I don't think the guy is awful for buying it or the other guy is terrible for making it, but that argument doesn't really hold for me. The appeal of the item, in large part, is that it is rare and different. It is rare and different because it is endangered and very hard to come by. Maybe somebody else see that jacket and wants one now and goes to the black market. Maybe not.Is it okay to make wearing a hide of an endangered species just...
This isn't an ethical treatment of animals issue. This is an endangered species issue. I'm all for killing cows and eating them and making hides out of them. It's the circle of life. Same with elephants. Until they are endangered. I would have no ethical obligation to your climber scenario or eating an endangered species in that case. This is not that case. There is no need for anyone to make or buy an elephant hide.
It's perfectly logical to believe that buying clothes made of endangered species is wrong. If you are part of the demand, or hype for a thing, then you are part of the problem in how that thing is obtained, even if in this case it might have been legit. Just don't wear pieces made out of endangered species. It's pretty easy for most of us. And don't pretend that part of the allure of buying that jacket isn't because it's endangered. "it looks like no cow or horse that's...
The Corner does this but not Mr P. They have completely different stock and sometimes better prices depending on the designer. The Guidi hiking boots I've been stalking were almost as cheap full price on the EU site as they were on sale in the US. Works the other way as well sometimes.
No it's different stock
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