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5'-10"Yeah, that's weird because Margaret Howell in Japan doesn't make sense because that jacket is literally the smallest size available and it's too big for me, and yet when I buy stuff from Japan like KKA I'm usually buying the largest size available.
The Corner hates their euro customers. There's like a 3 week lag on every price drop. So annoying. Everything I want is like 130% the US price.
Looks right up my alley. Can't help but think of this.
Just got the dreaded cancellation email 4 days later from Soto Berlin. I think I got the "leave the item in the store for a few days in case we can sell it without shipping it" treatment. Makes me not want to give them business again honestly. I emailed for sizing help two weeks ago and never got a reply either. /vent
Speaking of Margaret Howell, I need some help.I don't know much about tailoring. Can this work? I like the material and the shoulders fit nicely. I don't want to lose the oversized nature of the suit, but I'd need to shorten the sleeves and take in the back. Is it too much? The trousers and jacket are sold separately, so I could keep one and return the other. Any advice appreciated, especially if you know a little about tailoring. [[SPOILER]] I sized down by the way (LOL)....
Love that cardigan. Those pants fall under the "I don't know how anyone could possibly pull those off" category, but good luck.
You guys can pick mine apart now. I still don't know how to photograph so I'm still dealing mainly in silhouette. I decided to button this for the photos and looks like I buttoned the wrong button by mistake, so please ignore that. And sorry for the laundry. [[SPOILER]] YOOX tee (I forget the brand)EG batik print blazerYYPH cropped trousersQuoddy x South Willard pebble grain slip onsThe Yohjis are ultra soft cotton and have a dangling belt that wraps multiple times around...
Lonermatt, that is a really unflattering look. I'm afraid you're going to stay a loner if you wear that. It's an interesting knit but not made for someone with your body type. Sorry. Tough love. Chilljin, Amazing. Holy shit that is a great blazer, and the shirt and tie are pitch perfect. The socks take away from the fit even more than the shoes by drawing the eye away from the amazing top half. Let the patterns of the tie and blazer stand out and just wear some solid...
You look sharp man. Timboplete, those Traveller vests look great. I just went to look to find the navy cashmere one and saw it retails for 1000 euros. LOL. Guess not.
All the main brands I buy are like that. Do the zip blazers and Richard jackets make it to sale?
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