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Mr. Moo must have had some Hennessy before making that post.
Yeah, Dries had some fantastic floral stuff from that collection but one by one they evaporated and that one is the runt of the group. I'm sure there are ways to make it work beautifully as a layer but I don't see you constructing that type of outfit.
zxcbvn should have more votes. Also voted for the two guys tied for the lead so I didn't break the tie.
MoK that's a great jacket. Kgfan, shoes seem too bulbous for the fit but might be the angle. Everything else is stellar.
Looks way too small. Also that models hair tilts me like crazy.
I like that shirt Bene, although I did chuckle to myself thinking the same thing as jet. That must be like 4 or 5 new season items you've bought while you're "waiting to see the full drops."
I'm surprised people don't like the names of Band of Outsiders, Wings and Horns, Opening Ceremony. I thought all of those were cool, especially the first two. Lad Musician, Foot the Coacher and Cheap Monday are the worst. Want Les Essentials goes without saying. There used to be a brand called Shades of Greige or something. Then I saw a brand called Shades of Grey. Maybe they wised up because the former was just absurd. Or maybe it's two different brands, dunno. I always...
in stitches' brother missing some prime trolling opportunities with that coat. Stitchy, at least you'll have a baller coat to wear during the winter olympics for the rest of your life. Also, if the Qatar World Cup gets moved to winter you're golden. (5)
Cuffing the sleeves like that makes the coat look ill-fitting. If you let them hang long, it would just look like you don't give a fuck. Cuffing them shows you do give a fuck but can't get it to work, because they're still too long. I'm not sure what the answer is (probably some sort of tailoring) but if you cuff them you have to at least get it up past the thumb intersection point. Obviously if you had gone to an Indian tailor you wouldn't have to worry about it.
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New Posts  All Forums: