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Can you not use store credit along with the 20% off code? I have a code for my store credit and it replaces the discount when I enter it.
Is there a farfetch code? What is up with the pre-sale? Have to be on a list or what?
Once and for all... Are the high top GATs sized the same as the lows? (talking about the velcros)
For people who appreciate the difference between achilles and adidas, there is a big jump in quality.
FYI I have this in a different fabric (I actually think NMWA version is best, just not a good color for me) and once I figured out how to style it I am really really fond of it. It's cut perfectly TTS.
Anyone who wants to pass on their white or black roll neck short sleeve tees in M let me know.
I would actually size up one more for the best looking slouchy cardigan fit. But you probably are best just moving on because it may not be a good cut for you and it sounds like you don't like to return things.
Is there still a code for rewards members or everything is fully discounted on the site?
Let's meet for a coffee sometime. Bad timing though, as I'm out of the country for a couple of months.
Where exactly are you moving, if you don't mind?
New Posts  All Forums: