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Is cuffing jacket sleeves the new SF thing? Been seeing it a bunch. I like it in the In Stitches fit but I wonder if it looks as good in the wild as it does in that pose. But it's a really great fit. Randomthought, it's not working for you, and I can't imagine it ever looking good on a blazer. Get them shortened. Francks, awesome. Very clean.
You can tell from the activity in this thread if people were ordering. I'm just trying to help out because I've seen this pattern before. If my help's not appreciated, best of luck gentlemen.
Um, someone needs to follow the money. I don't know if you noticed but a business has taken a lot of money from people and cut off communication. Or do I have it wrong? I admit I haven't followed the whole thread, which is why I asked the question.If the orders were flooding in and TOJ voluntarily stopped taking them, that's one thing. If they used some of the money from TOJ on their restaurant with plans to use money from future orders to fulfill the existing orders and...
Can someone post a timeline or give some idea of how the money stopped, assuming it has, flowing in to TOJ? In other words A. they cut off orders themselves B. orders naturally died down after the mad rush of people getting their "final TOJ" order in C. it only start to die down after the delays and lack of service became bad I'm just trying to follow the money here and construct some sort of theory.
Great coat. I wish it were longer. I don't think the oversized fit works as well on a short coat like that. If the sleeves were an inch shorter it would help.
Cotton Dockers, That piece has way too much stylistic weight to just throw over a button down + chinos + birks. You need more and different layers. It has a very high degree of difficulty, obviously.
ghostface crushing it with a diverse brand selection as usual. parker, lol duct tape. That's pretty great, but I'd untuck the shirt. What self-respecting hobo tucks his shirt?
I've handled that piece and I'm not really a fan of the design. The inner knit is too bulky and creates a bulge when zipped up.
You've styled those really well. They all look great. What's the difference between the two trousers? Is it mainly the slimmer cut on the Celtis? How can you have a slim, relaxed cut by the way?
I think the double alpaca would be the next logical step. But I'd want it in the lookbook colorway. That dark navy/charcoal/whatever it was with the grey was so cool. The shadow trousers here were also a regrettable miss for me.
New Posts  All Forums: