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Lost in the androgyny is Lorcan trendsetting the cuff/tuck combo.
Those shoes are completely inappropriate for a suit. Bene, sorry but that is awful.
I'm selling some black soft horse back zips NIB in 44 if you're interested. 988 though.
I snuck in to see Porky's in the theater when I was a kid. Life-changing experience.
This is really drab.
Yeah, those are awesome. Great texture and fit TTS.
You sure it's soft coated j pants and not jeans? On the site the jeans are coated but the tailored soft j pants are different. I have the soft j pants and they are great. Not sure about the other options but the coated soft j jeans look a little weird IMO.
I like these, but not sure how they'd look worn. I might be the only one.
Cool, thanks for the write up notwithit. Didn't know about any of that.
Dale was my roommate in college. He was making that Dale's Pale Ale homebrew back then. Is it popular now? I don't live in the US anymore. I see stuff about it on FB but kind of surprised to hear about it on SF.
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