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gdl, any plans to have a B&M store? I was just thinking about how I'm ten times more likely to pay full retail in person than online.
Thanks. Looks sold out but I'll look around.
Oddly enough, I was browsing Kiryuyrik on Mercury right before you posted this.On a related note, what .jp stores other than Mercury ship internationally?
Can't believe I'm typing this, but does anyone know where I can find a decent sleeveless hoodie?
Heavy calf Intarsia. I've been back and forth on it, but leaning towards keeping it. What do you think?
Sick man. Junya?
An Ivwri Schneider fit! Looking fantastic.
Mother of God. Resident Bene will own every SS piece released next fall.
Cool, thanks.If someone wants to flip a daypack for $350 to the US or Europe let me know.
Just received my size 9.5 E semi-dress brown and I've got them for $300 in my signature if anyone is interested.
New Posts  All Forums: