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MC nice work on BKD. I heard it pitched a couple of years ago at the Sohn conference and added to my watchlist. Never bought (at the time it was mid $30s). Watched it come all the way down. Loading up on GIMO at these levels.
Hello vrx selloff, my old friend
Valeant in talks to sell Salix to Takeda for $10 bln -- would take out a huge chunk of debt in one swipe. $VRX up 13%
Probe has obviously been known for many months but I presume the market views the fraud charges that are apparently being brought against Pearson and Schiller as a "oh shit maybe this really is another Enron." Already trading up after hours. I bought at $18 just before close.
always manages to surprise
VRX --> so many buying opportunities, not enough dry powder
On the topic of social media and advertisers, does anyone have a position in YELP? I'm a fan of their product as are most of my friends, and have been impressed by their turnaround since Q1 '15. Also view them as a prime takeout target with a decently deep pool of potential buyers. If only I bought in Feb.
Earnings season has been a pleasant surprise. Now all I want is a nice VRX rally.
Chogall - how do you account for risk of NFLX as an M&A target?
\Re-upped at $42. Where's the floor!?
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