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I think they have a few rough quarters ahead, but I also believe the price reflects this. This would be in my taxable acct so minimum 1yr hold period.Red all over the market today. One bright spot in my portfolio is Pacific Rubiales Corp. Bought a couple of times as its price collapsed and it's up like crazy over the past two days on takeover rumors.
Any precision castparts ($PCP) owners up in here? I'm liking it as a long term hold potential. Also like that Berkshire owns a bunch of it.
There were reports that they were unloading their ~$30bn real estate portfolio to Wells and BX the day before (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-09/ge-said-close-to-real-estate-sale-to-blackstone-wells-fargo). One would think it was trading up in response to those reports.I'm taking a deeper look at TMUS. I like the growth potential. Anyone here own it?
Thanks. Got a couple of Gant Rugger pieces.
Any BABA holders here? Opened a position today as one of my few single stock portfolio holdings, with the intent of holding it for a couple of years. Big fan of their overall business.
Correct on both points. Just found the full disclosure list. My mistake.
Well, that's an inherent downside of exchange traded and mutual funds, they only have to report top 10 holdings and it usually makes up
Taking a look at GVAL and FYLD for some foreign exposure after listening to the Cambria Funds CIO on the Masters in Business podcast. My thought is to aim for global equities exposure of 25-30%. Anyone here invest in foreign equities/funds?
Any of you guys buying BAC at these levels?
Did my question make it seem as though I am treating it as found money? I am researching a few different strategies, a portion of which was asking a hypothetical portfolio allocation question in this thread, and patiently determining next steps.The S&P 500 is overvalued relative to historical value based on several key metrics, P/E being the most worrisome to me. I had the same opinion two years ago. But a couple of counter points:- To idfnl's earlier point, I don't see...
New Posts  All Forums: