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On the topic of social media and advertisers, does anyone have a position in YELP? I'm a fan of their product as are most of my friends, and have been impressed by their turnaround since Q1 '15. Also view them as a prime takeout target with a decently deep pool of potential buyers. If only I bought in Feb.
Earnings season has been a pleasant surprise. Now all I want is a nice VRX rally.
Chogall - how do you account for risk of NFLX as an M&A target?
\Re-upped at $42. Where's the floor!?
Great week for VALE and BHP. Wish I bought that ONDK last week as well, up 30% since I added to my watchlist. Sitting on a nice pile of cash now ready to BTFD when it comes. Also accumulating VRX under $63.
what do you guys think about OnDeck - price is starting to get interesting? I know LC has been discussed and Chogall is short...same thesis with ONDK?
3bd/3ba for low $5s/mo with mid level condo finishes (e.g. hardwood floors, marble bathrooms, granite, GE-level appliances). It's quite good with a few annoying downsides - noise being the biggest but hell, that's NY. Saw 70 Pine is starting to let their first tenants move in. Studios for $3.4-4K and 1br for $5k? nothx.
^^ Indians are the next wave Btw Oosten is sweet. Went to a TSLA/Oosten launch party in September. That PH is droolworthy. As long as I can stay in my apt in Soho for
Any of you guys selling into today's strength to shore up cash reserves?
Sold Vale for BHP at the same time (cash would've been the wiser move). Now trying to determine when / if to make the switch back into Vale.
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