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debit visa is an amazing invention, was really surprised by it when i moved from canada. especially useful as its pretty tricky for foreigners to get credit cards from US banks (and when you do, they give you a $500 credit limit).sidebar, is bowery / rivington a decent place to live?
Have any of you guys ever lived in a studio like this? recommend? I'm looking at buying a place just east of union square and doing something similar.
back in the rental market... lawd it's hard to find something decent
I am in real estate development. There is a plethora of info on this site, I recommend reading through it and I can answer any specifics beyond that. http://astudentoftherealestategame.com/career-advice-from-3-college-seniors-whove-landed-jobs-with-top-real-estate-firms/. To answer your second question simply, I would say no. ARGUS is used for cash flow producing assets (which developments are not), and almost exclusively used in office investing. May help get your foot in...
My dog recently chewed the hell out of my staple black lizard skin belt so I'm looking to grab a new black belt to wear with suits and trousers. Anyone seen any belt staples on sale recently? I emailed AE Shoebank to see if they have any seconds/closeouts. Thanks, Chris
Where is the Isaia sale? anything in the 40L zone? Thanks in advance.
Thanks all. I will target Chambers and Trader Joe's to get a 10-15 bottles to kick things off, and peruse the others for wines of interest that I find in this thread!
Looking forward to starting a small collection of wine when i move into my nyc apt tomorrow. Where would you guys recommend shopping (only good spot i know is warehouse wines & liquor)? Apt is in morningside heights but am in midtown daily for work. I will also have a car when i do the move so can access stores across the city. Thanks in advance. C
Do you own or rent?
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