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Long DIS at just under 101.
Portfolio was up >7% YTD in June. Now down over 6%. Hello volatility, my old friend.
BABA (and as such, YHOO), are getting smoked. Anyone betting on earnings tomorrow? I am long at 80. Will also be initiating a position in BKD over the next week or so. I am a believer in the senior living space and BKD is the preeminent firm. I am hopeful that management and HF-backed board members will push for a monetization similar to Dillard's/Hudson Bay/Red Lobster over the next 18 months.
CMG position up 18%. Trim and buy AAPL or wait till I hit long term cap gains in 8 mos, that is the question.
CMG is recovering nicely. Oppenheimer out with a bullish rating.
mind blowing, anyone own the name?
Green across the board today
I like their fantasy hockey setup.
Fully invested as well. Still waiting for my tax return, the majority of those proceeds will probably be put in MU.
New Posts  All Forums: