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Okay, anyone who is interested in a blue or blue + white strips linen fabric, or red maroon with white stripes let me know by PM. If there's enough interest, we can do a bulk order.
I'm looking for a high quality blue, or blue with white stripes. high quality as in Alumo, Thomas Mason etc ... Anyone else want to add their interest so we can do bulk orders for badsha.
Helps to post a picture and save the essay. Don't worry, you can walk around with your arms down. Retailers have year end clearance sales for a reason. You might as well write your autobiography while you're at it.
If the shirt collar spreads underneath the tie out too much it will look sloppy. But if it stays put then you might get away with it. Depends, is it an interview? or permanent dress. I would get a new shirt, bespoke maybe. And the tie would be better if it was thinner for your height, and the length - end of the tie - should hit the middle of your belt buckle.
Looks nice overall. However I would agree that it's not a tight fit around the chest and shoulder area. But overall if you were walking in the street I don't think you could pick it up.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers Yes, see below. Ah yes thanks. Is there a greater range of patterns or are they all just plain? thanks. Oh P.S - do you know of where to get quality inner linings for suits? nice patterns?
Anyone know where to get high quality linen fabric for shirt making? Cheers.
American car = Cadillac/Dodge Viper Non-American = Mercs/BMW
I've always preferred 2-3" lapels. All my suits are 3 inchers.
Quote: Originally Posted by laphroaig I think it's a really nice suit, even in the weird poses you posted. I think the jacket length is good, but if you are after a slimmer, or more youthful look you might want to get the trousers with a slightly lower rise and narrower legs. +1 Shortening the trousers a little to clean up the bottom of the leg will also help. I'm thinking about going to a local alterations shop that I usually go to for my...
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