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For a larger selection of short ties including jacquard silk, grenadine, madder silk, wool challis, and soon others such as bourette and shantung, you may also want to take a look at Fort Belvedere ties. All ties come in short lengths.
We just wroet an article about the Suits & Clothes of Hannibal that you might enjoy.
Here is a video on how to lace Oxfords:
I just made a video tutorial on How To Tie a Tie with A Dimple - every time with any knot. I hope it helps!
I recently did a factory tour at Shinola where I saw how much of Detroit you can really find in their products - surprisingly little.
We have Navy Socks with Clocks and Grey Socks with Clocks.
I just put together a guide about the Harrington Jacket / Baracuta G9. Enjoy
I wrote a detailed review about my Black Lapel experience here. Verdict 4/5 - good value.
The Chelsea boots are one of the few on the market that come as a whole cut...
More @ our factory tour of G&G.
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