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These are great boots, but I just don't have the opportunity to wear them enough.They are one year old. They're in great condition as I've only worn them probably 15 times. There is only minimal wear on the bottom of the heel. They've always had cedar shoe trees in them, which are not included. I'll include a half full jar of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/49464?page=mens-katahdin-iron-works-engineer-boots SOLD
The thing is . . The so-called cross breeders charge ($$$$) the same price if not more than what purebred dogs go for. But you're not getting any of the benefits of a purebred dog with 100s of years of selective breeding to prevent genetic diseases and to establish good temperaments. Why risk the $$$$ when you have no idea what kind of dog you'll end up with? With a purebred from a good breeder, they'll be able to tell you about the kind of temperament and/or any health...
These so called "cross-breeds" are not breeds at all. They are not recognized by any of the kennel clubs. There is no recognized breed standard. As such, breeders don't show them for conformation to any breed standard. So what you're getting essentially is a mutt. You could get a dog with all the best traits of a golden retriever and a poodle or you could get a dog with all of the worst traits of each breed. Most likely you'll get something in between. It's a crapshoot....
What is this, 1949?The elderly . . . Maybe, if they look faint or I am related to them.Women . . . Your back hurts because either you're wearing 4 inch heels on the subway or you weigh 200+ lbs and I am supposed to feel sorry for you? No.Children . . . Kids have endless energy. They can stand for 10 minutes.
My 6 month old puppy is better behaved than 95% of the children I see on the train.
This scheduling might actually helps Reps. A long drawn out nomination fight only further fractures the party. The president's speech will detract from the cat fighting.
Beetlejuice wants his clothes back.
They've made considerable strides in the last year and a half in the New York market. My phone used to be almost unusable for voice and data. Now I have few dropped calls, and data speeds are markedly improved. That said, I still hate the company. They're text messaging strategy is anti-consumer. The faster these companies become dumb pipes that deliver a commodity (data connection) the better.
IMO shorts as casual wear are only appropriate on extremely hot days, i.e. 100+ degrees F. Functionally speaking, shorts are designed for cooler wear and ease of movement. So, shorts that hang at or below your knees make little practical sense. It baffles me that modern basketball players wear such long shorts. I bet there would be many fewer turnovers if they reverted to the older style shorts. But that is another issue all together. Your average American man wears long...
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