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I've never compared a young Opus to an oldie. I've got a whole drawer with random singles averaging 4 years on 'em including a Forbidden X from '05. That will be fun. Shop hard for Opus and try not to buy over MSRP.
I used to think your Habanos elitism was cute and cheeky, but now I see you really have very little idea what you're talking about. I would agree that in the '80s Cuban tobacco was the best in the world. But those strains are long gone and if you're not trying what the Dominican, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc. have to offer today you really are missing out.
As a rugby player this thread makes me sad. Under a rugby you can wear pads, an undershirt, or nothing. A second collar, be it a polo or button down, is an afront to the sport and the heritage of the garment.
Recent aquisition, sorry it's huge...
$90 isn't bad. Bill's run $150-200.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama Did you get the one that has been on Make me an Offer for forever? Nope, but I think I got a substantially better deal than what they're asking.
Just picked up a box of Opus PLs.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 i'll see next time i'm in. i bet one of their 3 stores have them. the store i mainly go to had easily $10-12K worth of Opus ready to be bought. i'd go today, butttt i'm stuck in a god forsaken town in western MI. Wow. Are they charging MSRP?
Thanks for the tips. Can you recommend any higher end stuff? I've never tried Express and try to avoid BR.
Can anyone recommend pants for a very business casual work environment? I'd like something a bit fitted but not slim. I have a behind and big thighs so slim doesn't work. I bought Bill's Khakis in the M2P fit and I like them, but they're not as neat/fitted as I'd like. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: