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Just picked up a box of Opus PLs.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 i'll see next time i'm in. i bet one of their 3 stores have them. the store i mainly go to had easily $10-12K worth of Opus ready to be bought. i'd go today, butttt i'm stuck in a god forsaken town in western MI. Wow. Are they charging MSRP?
Thanks for the tips. Can you recommend any higher end stuff? I've never tried Express and try to avoid BR.
Can anyone recommend pants for a very business casual work environment? I'd like something a bit fitted but not slim. I have a behind and big thighs so slim doesn't work. I bought Bill's Khakis in the M2P fit and I like them, but they're not as neat/fitted as I'd like. Thanks in advance.
Had a Padron '26 last night, not sure of the vitola, but I was not wowed. Draw was too tight until the last third where it opened up nicely but by then it was too late. Tonight is a Tatuaje SW Maduro. I'm very excited.
Go to Hoi An, eat, relax on the huge flat beach, marvel at the stunning old French architecture, and chill with the awesome locals. I got stuck there for 1.5 weeks due to a typhoon and loved every minute of it. Don't but a suit. Pho is 10,000 dong, not 20,000. Remember that. Buying an old Russian Minsk and going on an epic road trip is another great idea.
Looks great to me.
Cable Car Clothiers and The Hound.
Audio or it didn't happen.
We can make it happen. Here's my upgraded set-up: The wihygro (that's what I'm calling it) controls the two fans sending a signal to a simple transistor circuit: The sensor is reading a consistent 3% higher than it should be. I'm testing a 2nd sensor now and will probably play with the code to get it perfect this weekend.
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