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I'm young and just joined a private social club. The club is over 160 years old and has a lot of history and deep roots in my city. Should I include "Member of X Club" in my resume? If so, should I create it's own "Affiliations" subsection at the bottom of the page? Would it look strange given that it'd be the only affiliation in that section since I'm not a member of any professional organizations yet? Thanks.
I like the Baxter almond scrub.
Picked up this:
Quote: Originally Posted by downwithianbrown Woman are crafty creatures. she doesnt want to lose you, but she'll settle for making you feel bad/guilty long enough for her to find some one else. Better beat her to the punch. She's not like that. That's why this could work. We're approaching this seriously, talking to people in these relationships, reading the literature, and generally seeking advice. She's a sex educator and loves this ish.
Ha! Roikins beat me too it. I'll be at On the Fly at 6, maybe I can squeeze the Bear in before hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Stay with her, but demand that she allow you to get your dick wet elsewhere until it's out of your system. If she says no, she isn't committed enough to the relationship and you can dump her. It was by no means a demand, but this is sorta what went down. We're looking into an open relationship, we're each picking up a book on the subject this week. I drank a lot of liquid courage in preparation of the...
Thanks guys. There is some really great advice in here. I'm going to let her know how I've been feeling. I had this talk with her once before but she basically talked me out of it. That was about two months ago and I'm back into the rut. I'm also going to try going out more and breaking the monotony and see if that changes things. The open relationship is another option which I think I'm open to, but I don't know how that would affect things longterm. Sometimes I...
I'm 23 and have been dating a wonderful girl for about 2.5 years now. She's good to me, family loves her, I love her family, but lately I've been feeling freaked out about us lately. Simply put I feel too young to be this emotionally involved. I feel we're on the road to marriage (possibly not any time soon, but on our way) and there's too much I haven't done or experienced. All my buddies are out chasing tail and having fun and I feel like an old married guy. I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Be more specific. I want to borrow e-books from my public library and read them on the Kindle or Nook, or Sony BC series, whatever.
Today was the first morning workout in the private club I just joined. The water pressure in the showers is phenomenal.
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