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If I drag more than one image into the browser, creating an album, how do I rename the album once created?
This is awesome. Where are you based? Thanks.
I work hard and am honest. I set realistic expectations for team members and if they're not met then there is a problem and I work with them to solve. I don't like playing games.
Inspired by this thread, http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ht=blazer+suit I'm getting a navy jacket made and am debating between two shades of horn buttons: Which is preferred, the light or dark? As a follow-up, I'll most likely get a suit made at the same time. The dark are appropriate for any suit and the light could work on a casual navy jacket, correct?
Price dropped 5%.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Clip them to the outside of your bag, making sure that they are a good flip flop that wont absorb water. Use a carabiner. $3.00 flops from Old Navy are what I use at the gym. Two for $5.00.
Bump. Can I bump?
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I know some of you may think I may be biased, but Lasik is just not worth it. The side-effects are ridiculous. And they won't explain all of them to you since you'd be turned off by it. I love my Lasik. I'm 23 and it's been 1 year now. Redwood Olive Peoples non-prescription frames, hot fire.
Made in England, Corby 7700 electric pant press. The 7700 is Corby's top of the line model and it works great. Features a one touch set it and forget it interface for 15, 30, and 45 minute presses. LCD display counts down minutes remaining. Wood finish is in perfect condition and it comes with the optional stand. Retail on these is about $285 new. Full specs here: http://www.comforthouse.com/trousers.html Located in Nob Hill, local pick-up only. Price drop to $66.50.
Intern, no. MD, maybe.
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