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I'm 23 and have been dating a wonderful girl for about 2.5 years now. She's good to me, family loves her, I love her family, but lately I've been feeling freaked out about us lately. Simply put I feel too young to be this emotionally involved. I feel we're on the road to marriage (possibly not any time soon, but on our way) and there's too much I haven't done or experienced. All my buddies are out chasing tail and having fun and I feel like an old married guy. I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Be more specific. I want to borrow e-books from my public library and read them on the Kindle or Nook, or Sony BC series, whatever.
Today was the first morning workout in the private club I just joined. The water pressure in the showers is phenomenal.
Do these things work at public libraries?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull p.s. The more I think about it, the "J. Press Banker Bag" is slightly ghey. I mean, you can probably buy a real banker bag on eBay for like 6 bucks. Why anyone would buy a bag that emulates a product that you can snag for free or close to free is sort of outrageous and ridiculous, but that's just my initial thought. I disagree. It's a canvas bag, if it has a bank's logo on it's a real banker bag, if it...
I was thiking of getting them for the club with our crest on it. Just a standard gym duffle. I've only seen it referred to as a banker bag, hence the question. Thanks.
Based on this blog post I gather these bags are common corporate banker shwag in NYC, http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2008/...-bag/#more-632, is that true? I'm on the west coast and haven't even seen a real banker bag (are they really even known as banker bags?) and I'm wondering what they're used for in practice - a gym duffle? I think it's a handsome piece and would make for a great gym duffle. I'm thinking of ordering a run for my private club but before I do I'd...
Hah, that's great!
Great to hear that. Where have you seen them because I have not.
Hello, I'm seeking a ceramic replica of the classic stag head: While visiting the Jim Thompson house I saw he had two playful renditions on pained Chinese ceramic which were absolutely awesome. Sadly I didn't bring my camera and this is the only photo I could find (above door): Does anyone know where I can find a ceramic stag head? One with Asian styling is a plus. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: