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Where do you work, Spoo?
These boots are about a half size too large for me. They're marked a UK 10 but fit like a US 11. Made by hand in Zimbabwe by the Courteney Boot Company, there are sold in the US by one source, Westley Richards, a safari and gun company out of Montana. These might be the most badass boots I've ever seen. Here's their product page for the Selous: http://www.westleyrichards.com/show/...ct_selous.html and Courteney's: http://www.courteneyboot.com/selous_m.php Price is...
I've tried both hanging by cuff and folding over and prefer the fold.
Thanks guys, great tips here! I should have clarified, my suit slacks (fine fabric) get many many wears and look great. However in my office which is business casual I usual wear thicker stuff like Bill's Khakis, corduroys, or thicker wool slacks and these don't hold up worth a damn. Literally two wears and creases are soft, behind the knees and lap wrinkled. As soon as I got home I hang them but the wrinkles do not fall out. Would the Supercrease work on a heavier...
I'm a young guy with a small stable of trousers and after one or two wears the pants are wrinkled and shabby looking. I bought a Corby pant press thinking I could avoid the dry cleaner and saving money on frequent presses but it's a piece of junk. I've tried ironing by hand but I haven't got it quite right and find myself creating multiple creases, ruining it. I thought about buying a full pant steamer like this: http://www.hammacher.com/Product/75427?source=FROOGLE...
Smoking room at the club or cigar bar near work.
Quote: Originally Posted by dangson Check this case out: http://www.dodocase.com/collections/...ase-for-kindle I prefer to go caseless with a screen protector so I don't own this one, but a review I read was pretty positive. What screen protector do you use?
2nd. I'm thinking of going as well. Any recommendations appreciated.
Should I: MacBook air 11" Yes: Friend works at Apple, I get 25% off, putting it at $800-900 depending on options. No: Work gives me a computer. I have no need for the Air, I just want it.
If I had that I wouldn't be asking for help locating them..
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