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If I had that I wouldn't be asking for help locating them..
This is a bit of a longshot, but I'm in search of a black desert boots featured in Wallpaper* magazine sometime in 2009. I recall the maker is in Buenos Aires and is not strictly a cobbler, but some sort of local indepdent designer doing menswear too. Any help is much appreciated!
Account Executive at a large Internet marketing agency.
Louis XIII Ordered it and my drunk colleague said, "make it two!" Good thing I wasn't paying. Delicious.
I'm 23 and have roughly 500 cigars in my humidor. Smoking is just about my favorite social activity with buddies. So relaxing and usually leads of great conversation. For me it's a social activity. I don't smoke and go for a stroll around town. Smoking means I'm on my patio, at the club, or cigar bar.
If I drag more than one image into the browser, creating an album, how do I rename the album once created?
This is awesome. Where are you based? Thanks.
I work hard and am honest. I set realistic expectations for team members and if they're not met then there is a problem and I work with them to solve. I don't like playing games.
Inspired by this thread, http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ht=blazer+suit I'm getting a navy jacket made and am debating between two shades of horn buttons: Which is preferred, the light or dark? As a follow-up, I'll most likely get a suit made at the same time. The dark are appropriate for any suit and the light could work on a casual navy jacket, correct?
Price dropped 5%.
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