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I thought this was regarding the furniture designerer, Sam Maloof. Now I'm bummed.
Thanks guys. I've consulted two lawyers and they said the same as many of the posts here. They can't point to a law necessitating the change from salary to hourly and doubt it exists as this is such a subjective classification. Second, they agree I if earned it, I get it and I can't be forced to loan the company money. I estimate this affects roughly 300-400 people at my company. This is one of several recent actions that have left me questing the management so rather...
I was just notified by payroll that some new federal rule mandates entry level people have to be hourly and not salary, so at my current level I've been moved from a salary to an hourly paycheck and I qualify for OT if I work >8 hours in one day (CA law). However, the company is withholding 1/2 of one paycheck of each employee affected to cover the OT hours pool. When the employee leaves the company or is no longer on an hourly payscale that withholding is returned. ...
I have the WSJ on my kindle. At $14.99/mo it's worth it to by the Kindle solely for this reason. As you get used to it you'll add books and other lit and love.
Rubber inserts in the corners create tension.
Received the Pad & Quill case today. It's awesome. Fits like a bespoke glove.
It's so annoying GW separates jackets from pants. It's impossible to find the complete suit.
^ Actually those nature aquariums are pretty low maintenance. You only replace about 15% of the water at any one time. You don't need to rip it apart for cleaning as the fungi in the soil breakdown the fish waste to make nitrates for the plants, etc.
Anyone have experience with the Pad and Quill case? http://padandquill.com/the-case-for-kindle.html It looks awesome.
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