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Me too. Lucky me my office is 200' away.
Email sent. Thanks.
That must be someone else, I didn't email a service manager. Can you please let me know who to contact?Thanks!
Great deals there. Too bad I just bought the Civilian Blazer at full price two weeks ago. Anyway you can hook a brother up with a price adjustment? Thanks in advance.
Greg, the store is beautiful. What a lovely layout, color scheme, and navigation. I'm excited for the gallery and lookbook photos to come online. I think that will help these beautiful pieces really come to life. Well done.
Very cool video. Greg, did you receive my email? I wrote to greg@. Best, Jacob
It was great visiting the APOLIS crew at the shop last week and meeting Shea. I'm loving the civilian blazer I picked up. Best, Jacob
Thanks guys. I have big quads and finding well fitting jeans is usually very difficult, but the GUSTIN straight model works great. I particularly like the higher waist which is good for tucking in shirts. I had the jeans slimmed from the knee down. For $81 I'm very happy. https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/67
AETHER F.S.C. 2008 Alden GUSTIN denim HY
great shots, brillo!
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