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Looking for some guidance on sizing in the uetam last. I'm a 9.5 D in the Alden Barrie and 10D in the Alden Leydon. Thank you!
Booth style. Suit Supply Kent Wang Barba martini Spoon Bespoke
@LA Guy details to come very soon.
I wish we could see what Gus is so excited about in that last photo.
This was one of the best SF meet-ups I've been to yet. Maybe it was the SW&D vibe, the open bar, or both that made this one of the looser more fun get-togethers. Major kudos to GUSTIN for inviting us into your studio and being such gracious hosts. It's really great to have you guys as part of this community.
I've got these. Love them.
You don't wear jeans...
Welcome Josh & Co.! I've had the pleasure of spending time with the GUSTIN team at their studio and am really excited about what they're cooking up here in San Francisco. I also love my naturals I picked up a few months ago. I had the legs tapered from the knee down. I find the higher-rise makes these perfect work jeans that I can tuck a shirt into and not look slouchy. You can't beat this for $81. I'm looking forward to the meet-up. Thanks for hosting! Horrible,...
Me too. Lucky me my office is 200' away.
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