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cc: @europrepI just posted the how-to on my blog: http://jacobbockelmann.com/post/78728147173/in-an-earlier-post-i-stated-that-not-all-badDyeing suede is easy and I encourage you to give a shot.
PR'd three lifts in one day: 190 lbs strict press 355 squat 375 dead
Thanks guys! There's a massive flea market in my area which I'll be hitting for rugs soon. The ideal size for our space is 6'x10' which isn't standard. Hopefully we can find something. The coffee table is done and being prepared for shipping. Here are the photos they sent me (these are also the new photos for the piece on their website):
Couches ordered. Ordered two of these in a light grey with walnut legs. We'll be getting brighter accent pillows and a bold rug to contrast the grey. They are love seats 66" in length which allows ample walking space on each side of the couch. I love how low and deep they are. They strike me as both mid-century and modern.* Next up is hunting for a rug (8'x10') and lighting. For the rug I am fond of Peace Industry but $3k is more than I want to spend. I like...
Thanks guys! Small steps, but progress. @SkinnyGoomba, I'm looking at a max of $1,500 per couch. Unfortunately I can't go too crazy on these. Hopefully that can go pretty far as I don't care about the sofa's brand, designer, provenance, etc., only that it's comfortable to sit in and looks nice. @Joffrey - for a single bike, and depending on your layout, I think this is an elegant option: http://deltacycle.com/bike-storage/storage-racks/bike-storage-hook-and-tray
I like the look of the coffee table and it will be going on a rug so I'm not concerned about dings and scuffing. I'll report on the rigidity when it arrives. Does anyone have any recommendations for stores to shop for sofas? Per the designing I'm looking for two no greater than 65" in length, so really more of a love seat than a sofa. I want armrests but since it's not long a sofa they must be narrow to maximize the seating surface. Here's an example of a style...
Thanks @europrep. I dyed them myself. Will be posting a how-to shortly. It was super easy. Suede dye is really all you need: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dsporting&field-keywords=Fiebings%20Suede%20Dye
I bought this from the PRL San Francisco store and have worn it maybe 6 times. Needless to say it's in damn near perfect condition. There are no imperfections that I can see. +$25 to ship outside of the US.
A pair of HY double monks I dyed dark brown. I am very pleased with the result. Alden PTB (for sale in my sig): Cheers.
I am selling these classic unlined Aldens on the flex sole because they're too big for me. I sized down .5 in the same shoe and am much happier. I am the original owner. Shoe trees are not included. Shipping outside of the US is an additional $30. Thank you!
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