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Here's where I'm finding the code on your site:Is pretty much all product that you sell to loyalty members? How many strong is the loyalty army? This is such a novel retail concept. I'm intrigued.
Bummer. That means the code linked on the bottom right of every page of your website is outdated.What's the best way for new folks to checkout your items prior to committing to the loyalty program? Buy at full price and then return?
Hey @Mauro - Any word on this code? Is it active? Thanks!
Hi, I'm trying to place my first order and the code REWARDSNEWBIE isn't working. Is this still valid? Thanks.
Damn I wish I could make it. This conflicts with my pre-marriage marriage counseling. #nojoke
For fun and easy dinner I recommend the Biergarten in Hayes.
I'll swing by the trunk show early evening. I don't think I can stay for dinner.
I am in and excited to meet some RING PEOPLE!!!!!
This is great piece that I purchased new in ~2008. It's a classic hunting vest featuring a game pocket across the back, front side pockets, and an interior zippered breast pocket. It's super warm and great for winter. Condition is excellent. Retail was $395. Rich caramel corduroy Leather trim Tattersall lining (badass) Fill: 80% Down - 20% Waterfowl Feathers Made in Italy Price includes shipping in the US. Here's the same piece on Rakuten:...
I purchased this great jacket new in 2009 and have worn it maybe a half dozen times since. Condition is damn near NWOT if not NWOT. Original retail was $995. This is a dope coat. 100% waxed cotton, repels rain brilliantly. Includes detachable hood and quilted vest Made in Italy Price includes USPS shipping in the U.S. Photo: SF member PinkPantser
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