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@Lafayette, if a button fly thread bothers you then I dont think jeans are for you. It happens and frequently. I've had a tailor fix the same issue, for $5, on $380 Samurais, $275 Ande Whalls, LVC, and on and on. It's denim. Get over it.
Now there's only one left.
These have been on my wish list forever. Finally acquired: Now I need to replace the one and only black shoe in my stable. I'm looking for something conservative for suit wear and the oddball formal event. I'm debating between these two: or Thanks!
Thanks. For tuxedos how's this, and is it versatile enough to wear with a suit?http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?nididioma=230&idfamilia=12124347&idarticulo=3640207
Looking for a timeless black oxford for suits and formal occasions. This will be my only black shoe in the stable. Thoughts on this offering from Carmina? http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640202 Thanks in advance.
Looking for some advice on the Forest last: I'm a 9.5D US Barrie and in the Uetem a very snug 8.5 UK, so I guess the question is do I keep the same 8.5 UK in the Forest or size up .5 to 9 UK? Thanks in advance!
Thanks! Just received the pair tonight and they're great. Very snug but I think they'll break in just fine.
I just want to see what these look like. I predict they'd be absolutely killer in a chino cut.
Grey silk is coming back today. Does anyone own this? Thoughts? Photos?
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