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Dear Styleforum, I completely hate the front of my small San Francisco ground floor apartment. I'm seeking help to redecorate it and better utilize the space. As you can see from the photos the unit is long and narrow. It was originally an unfinished basement but it was converted into a living space. As such every room is built out from the walls, like the front closet, which protrudes into the front room and breaks up the space. My requirements for the front room...
Thanks. The opposite of special: Kirkland anejo.
Agave Rose Tequila, lime, cherry brandy, Velvet Farlernum, cherries
Greg - Congrats on the NYT shoutout.
Hi Mel,A fit guide for shirting need include the following:NeckChestWaistAcross the backLengthSince you have two cuts it's critical to to include the chest and waist measurements as, presumably, those are the only two measurements that differ between the two options. It's also helpful to include a graphic illustrating from where on your shirts you take your measurements. Gustin does a good job of this:
I placed my first order and I hope it fits. I feel like I'm going totally blind here since the 'new fit guide' offers no meaningful measurements and, surprisingly, I've found very few photos of real guys wearing these shirts in the wild. Ledbury - you really should fix the fit guide. Length and collar measurements plus a model of unknown dimensions wearing an unknown size really do nothing to inform the customer. And what is a 'size equivalent'? This is meaningless...
Thanks for the code. Just got in on the grey melange.
@TheSizzle, thanks again for your help. The TZ Laces are wonderful. Here's my little writeup + pic: http://jacobbockelmann.com/post/70265068909/shoelaces-are-easy-to-take-for-granted-that-is
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