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I'm in. Will be arriving from India at 13:30 that day so bear with me if I fall asleep... Just don't let me drown in my 5l beer. Suppenküche is 2 blocks from my place so everyone can get excited for the after after party. @LA Guy, I'm very much looking forward to meeting you. P.S. @GusW - I recommend getting a headcount for and making a reservation at Suppenküche. That place gets absolutely nutty, especially on a Saturday night. They make reservations for parties of...
I had a great time checking out Ring's wares, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. Gus, thanks for organizing!
I'll be bringing two friends. The wings at Dirty Habit are good as is the outdoor seating area.
I'll be there and brining a buddy. By then I should have a bunch of GESTALT samples in tow too. Looking forward to this. Thanks for organizing, Gus.
Could you post a fit pic? Thanks in advance.
For some maintaining a weight, be it body weight or weight lifted is the goal. For others it's about maintaining a certain physique.
Cheers @hookem12387 (I recognize your avatar from tumblr!), @Henry Carter, & @Patrick R!@spang, Sent you a PM.Ha! I'm surprised that you find my username more distracting than my avatar. Usually it's the opposite. However, in all seriousness, the GESTALT business cards are printed on bone, though the lettering is not Silian Rail.
Where can I find a passport holder similar to this one?
It was good. I felt energized and full. I could see doing this in lieu of breakfast on occasion.That was my favorite pick-up of 2014. I bought 3 bottles. I can't believe they got more in. Buy this.
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