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Damn. Thank you! Very thorough. I'm giving the TZ waxed laces a shot.
Does anyone know where I can find replacement laces for an indy boot? Specifically, I'm looking for this color, which I think is an after market lace: Thanks in advance.
both are drinking events.
I can make it for some of it. I have a conflicting work event nearby and will be juggling both.
Very nice. The handwritten note was a great touch too. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
@chocsosa what jeans are those? Did you have them slimmed? Looks great.
@Lafayette, if a button fly thread bothers you then I dont think jeans are for you. It happens and frequently. I've had a tailor fix the same issue, for $5, on $380 Samurais, $275 Ande Whalls, LVC, and on and on. It's denim. Get over it.
Now there's only one left.
These have been on my wish list forever. Finally acquired: Now I need to replace the one and only black shoe in my stable. I'm looking for something conservative for suit wear and the oddball formal event. I'm debating between these two: or Thanks!
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