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Could you post a fit pic? Thanks in advance.
For some maintaining a weight, be it body weight or weight lifted is the goal. For others it's about maintaining a certain physique.
Cheers @hookem12387 (I recognize your avatar from tumblr!), @Henry Carter, & @Patrick R!@spang, Sent you a PM.Ha! I'm surprised that you find my username more distracting than my avatar. Usually it's the opposite. However, in all seriousness, the GESTALT business cards are printed on bone, though the lettering is not Silian Rail.
Where can I find a passport holder similar to this one?
It was good. I felt energized and full. I could see doing this in lieu of breakfast on occasion.That was my favorite pick-up of 2014. I bought 3 bottles. I can't believe they got more in. Buy this.
@troika, Actually... Yes. I'm jumping the gun here but our white piqué just came out of the mill today and our first sample in white will feature a full length placket. See this mock-up straight from the tech pack: This will look equally as good dressing down a jacket or while strolling the Mediterranean with Jackie O. by your side. --- Thanks, @TM79!
If your body is similar to two stacked kids that's a tough form to fit due to the long torso and short arms. However, if you mean that you possess the spirit of two stacked kids then the speckled grey is a perfect fun and funky option. It's the least buttoned up of our four colors:
@123abc - The website is a placeholder until we launch the Kickstarter campaign in 1 or 2 months. I'll be adding additional content and photos in the coming days. For now the site serves as a way for interested parties to subscribe to receive the launch update while the most detailed information exists here in this thread. Cheers @ctbomber & @Archivist! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon.
My first experience with bulletproof coffee. Tastes like a rich coffee. I'm waiting to see if I turn into superman. Will check back in 5 minutes.
Thanks @pocketsquareguy! That means a lot coming from you. Cheers, @Christopher Essex. Thanks for joining the mailing list. @eddiemczee, It's one of my favorite fabrics. The heathering is deep and it's a super loose knit, perfect for summer, ideally while on a boat.
New Posts  All Forums: