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I bought this from the PRL San Francisco store and have worn it maybe 6 times. Needless to say it's in damn near perfect condition. There are no imperfections that I can see. +$25 to ship outside of the US.
A pair of HY double monks I dyed dark brown. I am very pleased with the result. Alden PTB (for sale in my sig): Cheers.
I am selling these classic unlined Aldens on the flex sole because they're too big for me. I sized down .5 in the same shoe and am much happier. I am the original owner. Shoe trees are not included. Shipping outside of the US is an additional $30. Thank you!
A small update: I've begun selling off my furniture and just made my first purchase for the new layout: a transforming coffee table from Duffy London. @otc was exactly right when he said I'd be surprised how the bikes will stick out when hung away from the wall. I will be hanging my bikes along side the wall using something like this (at least for the lower bike): I believe my walls are plaster and I haven't had luck finding a stud thus far. This may be a far...
I will be sure to bring my pencil case, just for you.
Another yoga conflict. I can make it to the store around 7:30 and am in for dinner. See you next week.
Ha! That turned out great.
Not a bourbon but a recent acquisition I'm excited about.
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