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Shabu shabu. Many locations to choose from. Will accommodate a large group no problem. Not too far from Epaulet.
Is Epaulet renting an Airbnb? With a group that big getting something delivered is likely our best bet. OR maybe options in Japantown? We could do something hilarious at Benihana probably.
Can't wait to see it! I fly to India tomorrow AM and return the day of the meet-up. Let's do it then or that week.
yup yup.
You clearly haven't been to a SFO meet-up in a while. Oh how the times have changed!
The tag line is a work in progress.
At the after after party. It'll be great. You'll get drunk, disrobe, and then try on samples. It'll surely be a hootenanny of a SF meetup!
We met briefly at the SF 10 year a few years ago. FWIW, I thought you were super cool then.
I'm in. Will be arriving from India at 13:30 that day so bear with me if I fall asleep... Just don't let me drown in my 5l beer. Suppenk├╝che is 2 blocks from my place so everyone can get excited for the after after party. @LA Guy, I'm very much looking forward to meeting you. P.S. @GusW - I recommend getting a headcount for and making a reservation at Suppenk├╝che. That place gets absolutely nutty, especially on a Saturday night. They make reservations for parties of...
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