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@lefty, the liberator lives in the bedroom and sadly, due to the SF rental market, we cannot afford to move and will be in this unit for some time. Were it to be relisted our apartment could easily fetch another $800/mo over the current rent. It's nuts. @suited No cats, sadly. @pocketsquareguy I've been looking at getting a pouf or two for the front reading nook area. A friend of mine knitted this neoprene one which I love: With simplification in mind I've pared...
Which wall are referring to? The blue, green, or red arrow?If the green I'll have to remeasure the clearance of the bikes. There's only a 30" section of wall between the door swing of the front and closet doors.
Thanks guys. I agree completely with the two rooms sentiment and have played with the floor plan to have a reading nook in the front and the main hanging zone in the back by the kitchen and countertop area. The TV is currently mounted on a swivel arm so it can be viewed from the kitchen, front of house, or back. There really is no perfect place for it. Do you guys have ideas for an alternative location? We're not big TV watchers and just use it for the occasional...
Dear Styleforum, I completely hate the front of my small San Francisco ground floor apartment. I'm seeking help to redecorate it and better utilize the space. As you can see from the photos the unit is long and narrow. It was originally an unfinished basement but it was converted into a living space. As such every room is built out from the walls, like the front closet, which protrudes into the front room and breaks up the space. My requirements for the front room...
Thanks. The opposite of special: Kirkland anejo.
Agave Rose Tequila, lime, cherry brandy, Velvet Farlernum, cherries
Greg - Congrats on the NYT shoutout.
Hi Mel,A fit guide for shirting need include the following:NeckChestWaistAcross the backLengthSince you have two cuts it's critical to to include the chest and waist measurements as, presumably, those are the only two measurements that differ between the two options. It's also helpful to include a graphic illustrating from where on your shirts you take your measurements. Gustin does a good job of this:
New Posts  All Forums: