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Send it to Tiecrafters.com. They recently relined a tie for me and did a great job. Cleaning ties and scarves is their specialty. Good luck!
On the Lightning Bolt shorts, is the 18" measure the length from the waistband to the end of the leg?
@NOBD, what type of shirt is that? Flannel?t
Reviving this thread with a question: What would you call a collar with the following characteristics: The leafs and band are constructed from a single piece of a fabric that is folded at the crease, but the entire collar itself is sewn onto the shirt and not a continuous piece of the shirt body fabric. Essentially this collar sewn onto a shirt body: Would it be called a Capri collar, Italian, One-piece, camp? I'm asking for clarification because most of the...
I was about to joke that it'd look good if you were in Australia and wearing a P. Johnson suit, but then I clicked your link and realized you satisfied both requirements! Ha.I agree with @Stiva that toning down the formality of the rest of the fit would make the sneakers work well. Lose the tie, try an odd jacket and trousers, or try a polo shirt under the jacket instead of the shirt and tie.
Any photos of the Grey tie in action? I'm eyeying the dots.
FWIW, I'm disappointed that the posts were deleted. The exchanges were civil and the marketplace of ideas was doing its thing. Granted, MC WAYWT isn't necessarily the right venue for the topic but this is where the topic came up and I think it's fair to let it be discussed here too.
Cool guys don't look at explosions.
Does anyone know a good resource to learn more about collar construction and methods? I have a few shirts with collar bands and others where the collar and band are one single piece. I'd like to learn what each is called and why the difference. TIA.
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