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Does Samuel Glassman make shirt studs or only cufflinks?
I know the HK seller that you mean. What is controversial about him? I haven't heard any complaints. The only strange thing is that his watches all have similarly appearing lume but I like to think it's because he has an eye for what he wants to buy and sell. Is there a sub-plot I'm missing?
Here's the 1680 in question: The weird hour markers are on the dial itself and are not caused by the domed crystal. It's a pretty specimen but the bezel is the other thing that seems off to me. The divots in the bezel aren't the deep rounds ones typically found on 1680s. I don't believe it's original which is probably why this watch is priced the way it is.
Has anyone seen a Submariner dial with marks like those at the 1, 2, and 4 o'clock positions? This is a 1680 offered by a reputable seller. I love the creamy lume but have never seen distortion on the markers like that before.
I can make it for 1 drink at 5:30 sharp and then need to duck out for a dinner. Looking forward to seeing some early birds.
I just picked up this lovely Nomos. One of the more unique GMTs out there.
Nice. Who makes the polo shirt?
Hey all, Flight was delayed and I caught a bug in India on my last night so I'm kind of a wreck right now. Will anyone be around tomorrow? Was the trunk show a one day think?
Investigate mums. With all you can drink + eat it makes bill splitting easy. For a party of 20+ simplicity is key. Brasstacks is too small and crowded. Muka could work if they give us the back space but that depends on the performance schedule. Mums or another shabushabu house will be fun and very SF. -Jacob in Dubai
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