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Strap-chopping. I'm digging this combo. The yellow in the leather really brings out the lume.
I made a purchase. It should be here Friday.
Thanks for the input. I love aged watches but decided to pass on this one as it has a bit too much character for the price.
I've been in the market for a 1680 with a mean ghost bezel and I think I may have found my watch. The good: The bezel is insane The dial has wonderful character with creamy markers and matching hands. Bracelet is is original The bad: Bezel is chipped on the interior diameter at 7:30 and 1:30 Bracelet is stretched to hell Case has been polished Pearl is missing (this is easy enough to replace, but hard to match to the original. It's listed for $7.1 and I think I could...
Hello, I'm in need of burgundy linen ties for a troop of groomsmen. The purple Kent Wang linen tie was pretty close but my fiance vetoed it. Any recommendations are appreciated. I've exhausted my own search. Thanks in advance for the help.
meteorite studs and cufflinks.
PJT tuxedo. I think the jacket should be let out some as it's pulling and 1.5" added to the pants length. I tweaked the photos to better show the shadows in the black jacket. Thoughts?
Question: The lapels of my black tuxedo are grosgrain. Should I go matchy-matchy with a grosgrain bowtie and cummerbund or go for a subtle contrast with a silk satin bowtie and cummerbund?
eh, I guess this photo answers the question: Not acceptable. So follow-up question: my tuxedo has a grosgrain lapels and I have a grosgrain bowtie. Should the cummerbund be grosgrain as well?
bump. I have a tuxedo shirt with a pique bib and it ends about 4" above the trousers. I do not intend to wear a cummerbund. Is this acceptable? Related: The shirt has fittings for 5 studs but all stud sets I've found only include 4 studs. Is it acceptable that the lowest opening be a button and not matching stud?
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