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My yuppy lineup.
Endangered Panda arrived. With the lock down on Omega parts, this is truly the last of its kind. I love it.
Accordion - just tighten up your start position. Chest out, back locked, put tension in your arms and bar. If you're able to do that and maintain the position throughout your lift you'll be much better. A proper start position is work, it shouldn't be a happy comfy place to hang out. I don't like the way you're lowering the weight after completing the lift. You're totally rounding the top of your back and slumping it down. Anyone here do the barbell WOD?...
The polos look beautiful. Well done.
My pair. 1680 and 3572.50. The Speedy just landed and the parts are in the mail for the Mitsukoshi dial conversion. Can't wait.
Haters gonna hate.
Strap-chopping. I'm digging this combo. The yellow in the leather really brings out the lume.
I made a purchase. It should be here Friday.
Thanks for the input. I love aged watches but decided to pass on this one as it has a bit too much character for the price.
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