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Maybe I'll go the homage route... I love the cali dial but cannot pull off 47mm on my wrist.
My Google skills are failing me. Did Panerai ever make a Radiomir with the California dial in 42 mm? If so can someone shoot me a reference number. TIA.
3572.50 but it will work on any of the modern models.
064WK3052031Good luck.
This has been dominating my wrist of late. I love it.
How do you guys store and travel with your watches? I have a watch roll which I don't really like for either purpose. For storage, it's annoying to have slide the wide in and out of the sleeve, particularly for my older acrylic crystals, and there's nothing to separate bracelets from the caseback. For travel there's no padding. Relatedly, can anyone recommend a watch winder?
All via the mail. His normal TAT is 4-6 weeks and he did mine 4 weeks on the button. Google him up and you'll find tons of references for his work.
Just back from the magician: http://www.classicwatchrepair.com/page5.html He does amazing work. It's like a brand new bracelet. #noflexzone
I purchased one of the last remaining dials from Ofrei. I also opted for a different hand combo as the Mitsukoshi was all stainless which I found bland.Cheers, gdl! It was great meeting you. I hope the trip was a productive one and you'll be back.
Thanks @TheTukker. I do my best to rotate evenly, though when I fail it's usually the 1680 getting the most wrist time. The Speedy is the newest addition and I'm sort of obsessed with her.
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