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Is anyone here a dedicated meal prepper? If so, when you're prepping your meals for the week, what's your primary nutritional goal for the design or composition of each meal? For example, do you: * A) Design for absolute macros, "This meal has 30g protein, 50g carbs, 15g fats." * B) Design for relative macros, "This meal is 30% protein, 50% carbs, 20% fats." * C) Design for calories, "Who cares about macros... This meal is 800 calories." * D) Other, please...
I am torn: moon or power. I feel the lunar dial to be more balanced but also busier. I love OG's implementation of the date window and this grey/steel combination. Lange is out of my price range and too formal for how I dress 99% of the time.
I bought this camera thinking I'd take up photography as a new hobby but it didn't happen. For sale is my hardly used Fujifilm X100T camera. It's in perfect condition and includes the original box, papers, and all accessories. Also included are the following aftermarket upgrades. In total this rig cost well over $1,600. Lensmate black thumbrest:...
Yup, you guys are right. I believe that's vintage Ikea. I can't find the model anymore so I suspect it's discontinued. Dang.
This is not cool furniture nor is it an example of fine design, but for my small apt in SF it'd offer extreme utility: Can anyone eyeball who makes this narrow storage unit? I'm hoping someone will recognize it. I've tried all the Google methods and no luck. Thanks in advance.
Acquired this beautiful bezel this weekend. Now seeking a 14060 to put it to use within. Funny when the bezel wags the watch
Yeah, $7.2k new the best I've found thus far. The dial color is just so lovely paired with the steel.
gat dang!
It's been three months since I tried one on and she's still calling my name. I'm feeling the pull.
Thanks all. Sound advice here. I love the look of the dark grey dial and will keep an eye out for a used one. The Lange is out of my price range and I am not in love with its color options.
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