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Hey all, Flight was delayed and I caught a bug in India on my last night so I'm kind of a wreck right now. Will anyone be around tomorrow? Was the trunk show a one day think?
Investigate mums. With all you can drink + eat it makes bill splitting easy. For a party of 20+ simplicity is key. Brasstacks is too small and crowded. Muka could work if they give us the back space but that depends on the performance schedule. Mums or another shabushabu house will be fun and very SF. -Jacob in Dubai
http://www.mumssf.com Good for big groups. Cheap. Close by.
Shabu shabu. Many locations to choose from. Will accommodate a large group no problem. Not too far from Epaulet.
Is Epaulet renting an Airbnb? With a group that big getting something delivered is likely our best bet. OR maybe options in Japantown? We could do something hilarious at Benihana probably.
Can't wait to see it! I fly to India tomorrow AM and return the day of the meet-up. Let's do it then or that week.
yup yup.
You clearly haven't been to a SFO meet-up in a while. Oh how the times have changed!
The tag line is a work in progress.
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