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PJT tuxedo. I think the jacket should be let out some as it's pulling and 1.5" added to the pants length. I tweaked the photos to better show the shadows in the black jacket. Thoughts?
Question: The lapels of my black tuxedo are grosgrain. Should I go matchy-matchy with a grosgrain bowtie and cummerbund or go for a subtle contrast with a silk satin bowtie and cummerbund?
eh, I guess this photo answers the question: Not acceptable. So follow-up question: my tuxedo has a grosgrain lapels and I have a grosgrain bowtie. Should the cummerbund be grosgrain as well?
bump. I have a tuxedo shirt with a pique bib and it ends about 4" above the trousers. I do not intend to wear a cummerbund. Is this acceptable? Related: The shirt has fittings for 5 studs but all stud sets I've found only include 4 studs. Is it acceptable that the lowest opening be a button and not matching stud?
Does Samuel Glassman make shirt studs or only cufflinks?
I know the HK seller that you mean. What is controversial about him? I haven't heard any complaints. The only strange thing is that his watches all have similarly appearing lume but I like to think it's because he has an eye for what he wants to buy and sell. Is there a sub-plot I'm missing?
Here's the 1680 in question: http://www.ermitagejewelers.com/WatchView.aspx?category=40&ProductID=4489 The weird hour markers are on the dial itself and are not caused by the domed crystal. It's a pretty specimen but the bezel is the other thing that seems off to me. The divots in the bezel aren't the deep rounds ones typically found on 1680s. I don't believe it's original which is probably why this watch is priced the way it is.
Has anyone seen a Submariner dial with marks like those at the 1, 2, and 4 o'clock positions? This is a 1680 offered by a reputable seller. I love the creamy lume but have never seen distortion on the markers like that before.
I can make it for 1 drink at 5:30 sharp and then need to duck out for a dinner. Looking forward to seeing some early birds.
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