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REDUCED to $695.00 NEW Santoni Limited Edition two-eyelet oxfords with Vibram-like lug soles. These are true Limited Edition, Santoni's highest handmade line. Cervino stitching, i.e., Bentivegna with slightly angled upper stitching. UK8.5/US9.5 but as you know Santoni fit one half-size large, so these area perfect US 10. I'm a US 10 and have four other Santoni's that fit perfectly. Comes with: - Limited Edition box - Leather handle shoe horn - Limited Edition...
Same with the Madison Ave store in NYC
I've had two pair for about 5-6 months now. Ordered them from YOOX simply because I liked the look and for the price I thought I'd take the chance. Pleasantly surprised when I received -- they look better in person than the YOOX pics (both good quality suede that's held up well) -- and the chisel toe style fits my feet as well as any shoes I have -- most of which are 5x-10x the price I paid for these. But you have to expect downsides for the $90/pair I paid. Glued...
What's the front and back rise measurment on the Boglioli pants? Thanks!
pm sent on the brown penny loafers...
Email sent ! I'm in for 5
Have a great Kiton Diamante 150s but shoulder measurement is 0.5" too wide. Is it possible for a good tailor to bring the shloulder in that much without removing sleeveheads? Thanks
Al Sharpton and George Will (not seated together ) in the First Class section of the NY-DC Acela. Sharpton allowed to board early at Penn Station, George Will and the rest of us bunched together at the top of the escalator waiting for the Reverend to pick his seat
Like the post above, I was told by the US rep of Scarpe De Bianco at his place in NYC that high end Lanvin is made Sutor
Absolutely gorgeous last. is there a name for that St. Crispins last? Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Christsakes they are wonderful !!! Have they been bloody varnished Quote: Originally Posted by gusvs My newly arrived (and first pair of) Saint Crispin's: I can really testify to what others have said about Mr. Car; he has been a true gentleman and a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole...
New Posts  All Forums: