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When I last checked a month ago, Raleigh Denim will no longer do hemming on denim that wass not their own. I ended up going to Hudson Hill in Greensboro. They also have a darning machine and do repairs. They did good work and completed the alterations while I eat lunch up the street. It was worth the trip.
Thanks for the heads up! So much for having a Wishlist with Jcrew.com. No, email update or anything.
You are at 10 months? I'm at 3.5. Here I thought It would not be too much longer.
How durable has the finish been? When I was shopping for a kitchen table I had considered this one. I was worried that the finish would not hold up to scratching or the accidental hot plate.
There is always the Wegner Ox Chair too. I'm not trying to promote reproductions, but Modernica produces one. Despite the ambiguity of their association to the likes of Eames and Wegner, they do produce some really well made furniture.
Not to be a fanboy here, but I spent more time in my HM Eames more in the first week then I did in the two years I owned the Rove. The Rove just wasn't comfortable. That said, there are a lot of other great lounge chairs out there if you don't you don't want to spend $4000 on a HM.
My chair was circa late 2012. They could have a very well changed things up. Honestly, with the price you are paying to include shipping from Rove, you are just better off using an architect discount or wait for the HM half yearly sale.
The difference in looks was negligible really. Most people would have a hard time visually telling the difference. Sitting in the two it is night and day. The HM version is way more comfortable. I cannot comment on the leather sense I did not by the baseline leather when I purchased my HM, but the ergonomics is the biggest thing. In the Rove chair I always had a football sized gap between my lower and the chair. The HM version is like being cradled in a big catcher's...
I wish it was that awesome. I'll try to shoot a picture if another one fails. Basically, one side of the stitched buttonhole is separating form the fabric. Instead of one buttonhole you have two.
Avoid. It's a trap. I purchased one about 3 years ago. It looked decent, but when you sit in it, you can tell it is not right. It's not comfortable. I finally sold my Rove in February for about a $1000 loss just in time for the HM version I ordered to arrive. The difference is night and day. Get the HM version and don't look back.
New Posts  All Forums: