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+1 on the Waffle Dobby. I'm really disappointed I missed it.
Almost like a pebble grain?
That is impressive. I can't do white. Raw denim and fountains would quickly ruin it.So is it safe to say the that Edelman All-grain will be more robust then Edelman Dream Cow (the are the same price on HiveModern)?
Does anyone have any opinions/experience with the different grades of leather Herman Miller uses? Is there a significant difference between, the standard leather, the open line, MCL or edelman? Are any of these options worth the additional cost over the standard leather? The Herman Miller sale is going and thinking of making a purchase.
Anybody receive their #103 INDIGO WAFFLE DOBBY yet? I really wish I had jumped on this one when I had the chance. I'm interested to see how these are working out for everyone.
Any idea when these will be available for order?
Any chance we might see a restock of the indigo duck chinos?
Well looks like my Khaki Rivets made contact with bleach some how and now there are pink blotches on the legs. You guys think I might be able to dye them a completely different color (dark grey or blue) or are these guys toast?
I think that is what I'm going to end up doing. Though most people haven't had an issue, the warning from the various authorized dealers is enough to be of concern. I think your suggestion is a happy medium.
Thanks for the reply. Most everyone has stated the same, that the coating hasn't yellowed yet, but the location of the table will place it in direct sunlight all day long in my house. I'm wondering if this was an issue with older tables and perhaps Knoll has changed the formula of the coating. I'm trying to balance yellowing vs the fear of staining. I think I'm leaning towards uncoated. Coffee stains are my biggest concern since I am not much of red wine drinker.
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