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Well looks like my Khaki Rivets made contact with bleach some how and now there are pink blotches on the legs. You guys think I might be able to dye them a completely different color (dark grey or blue) or are these guys toast?
I think that is what I'm going to end up doing. Though most people haven't had an issue, the warning from the various authorized dealers is enough to be of concern. I think your suggestion is a happy medium.
Thanks for the reply. Most everyone has stated the same, that the coating hasn't yellowed yet, but the location of the table will place it in direct sunlight all day long in my house. I'm wondering if this was an issue with older tables and perhaps Knoll has changed the formula of the coating. I'm trying to balance yellowing vs the fear of staining. I think I'm leaning towards uncoated. Coffee stains are my biggest concern since I am not much of red wine drinker.
With the annual Knoll sale happening in 2 weeks I thought I would revive this thread, as I have had my eye on the Saarinen Side Table for quite some time. I'm still trying to decide between the oval and the 20" tall model and coated vs uncoated Carrara. My concern is that I'm kind of a clumsy guy and the table will be in direct sunlight all day long. Is the untreated marble really that prone to staining(i.e. spilled coffee)? Is yellowing due to sunlight exposure...
Any update on when we might see the flannel navy white/red dot shirts on the website?
Is the maroon polo still on schedule for 31MAR restock?
We just received the Filmore Love Seat in Klein Granite. Arrived in less then a month as promised well packaged and without damage. Unfortunately it won't be able to give you a first hand account for a few months, but so far my wife is happy with it.
Anyone have any experience with crawl space dehumidifiers? I have a 2400 square foot crawl space, and I already have a 6mil vinyl vapor barrier down, but I think I could still use a dehumidifier. Recommendations?
I was leaning towards the marble, but thank you for the info! I only have a 13" laptop, so figured the 20" side table would be plenty big, but I will take a look at the oval one. I definitely don't need another night stand.
Anyone have a Saarinen side table? I thinking about taking advantage of the knoll sale, but I'm worried it won't be that stable on carpet or around a kid or dog. Any thoughts?
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