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I bluer/whiter bulb will change the color of the lamp. I started out with an LED bulb in my nelson lamp, but ended up changing it out so that I could get the warm yellow-y color you see in the photo.
AA lot of good information on that site. That said, you need to fill the holes after you kill all of the bees and larva in the holes.After you poison the holes and you haven't seen an activity, I recommend you fill the holes with steel wool and caulk. You need to fill the holes or they will just come back next year. I recommend you paint over the site if you can. Stain works pretty well as a deterrent, but from my experience paint is much more effective.
Can anyone give me advice on sizing? I am thinking about ordering a "The Utility Shirt in Indigo Cross Jacquard," but based on the measurements the XS matches my typical shirt measurements. My concern is that it is an XS. I don't wear an extra small in anything. For example I wear a Medium in Epaulet. In addition, should I expect to see much shrinking in this material?
I don't know. There prices seem a little steep. I went to buy a Barbour jacket and when I went to check out the price came out to £1,450,000,000,157.50.
I have two size SM Epaulet Polos for sale, one Bordeaux and one Aubergine. Both have been worn approximately 10 times cold washed and air dried. They are clean free of stains, snags and tears. Plenty of life in them. Each one is $45 shipped CONUS.
Brand new with tags size small Gitman Vintage royal blue overdyed oxford. $60 shipped CONUS.
I have two *one* medium indigo dyed Epaulet Sweat shirts for Sale. Brand new, only unboxed these for the photos. $50 each shipped CONUS.
I would see if you could just rent them. You can probably rent a pair for about $45 a month and avoid having to move an almost brand new washer and dryer. In my experience, dryers don't move well.
I know I'm crazy to ask, but with all this talk of Alt Wien, I cannot help myself. Are the #8 Alt Wien boots also on the shortlist for shipment?
That is really disappointing to hear. I almost bought the cherry blossom shirt, even though I already had a shirt made of that same material (Naked and Famous). The shirt I have has the same issue. I have 6.25" wrists and I could even get the sleeve over the thinnest of watches.
New Posts  All Forums: