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Seriously, 130. Final price drop.
Now $140. Final price drop.
Price Drop: these are now going for 150, instead of 175. Get 'em now!
Price for these will be $150, which includes priority shipping (with a tracking number) to anywhere in the continental United States. I have worn these three times. They haven't stretched much, so if you're interested in purchasing them, take a gander at their product page at Self Edge for measurements. Because of recent manufacturing issues, it's been very difficult to find a pair of Skulls, so if you want to own a pair and don't want to wait months for them to be...
Because you're paying for name over quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by JGP. Anyone else have trouble with gitman's being too short? I was trying on the navy/white gingham short sleeve in L and the fit was absolutely perfect everywhere except it was like two inches too short in the body. I was not happy, really loved the shirt beside the length. I am 6'3 fyi I'm 6'2 and between a medium and a large in Gitman sizing. The medium is slim (almost a little too slim but not quite) and it's...
Alright. That makes sense. I guess I had been looking at the thigh measurement without taking the rise into consideration. Thanks.
How much will the 105BSP stretch in the thigh? I'm looking at the straight leg and they still seem very slim.
I'm drooling over that workshirt. It's probably the coolest non-denim item I've seen made available at Self Edge in recent memory.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport I'd prefer a buttonless pocket for a cleaner look, personally. Don't need too much craziness detail-wise in spring. Same.
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