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they still do have sportcoats made by caruso...and sartorio
caruso doesn't make sid's house brand, its still an italian make thats fully canvassed
Sid mashburn just got their double monks in a chocolate brown suede last week...gorgeous. actually i think it looks better that the original
why don't you just have them take in the waist of the shirts? they'll do it gratuson their dress shirts there is a heavier fusing in the collar, placket and cuffs so the look more crisp.on there sportshirts there is no fusing
from what i;ve noticed, they generally sell out of mediums and 15h shirts pretty darn fast. so if its something you really like and its full probably should get it. viral what don't you like about the store?
i hate the toe on the rotm's, mashburn toe is much better to me
they don't serve bottled water, its in a glass. but they will serve you bottled beer and bottled coke
anything with names like "Naval Club" or "Montauk" etc are names of seasonal deliveries not sublines. Naval Club was the last delivery of summer and should be either on clearance or not even on the floor at this point
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