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... meant to also add that I recently ordered a John Elliott + Co. hoodie, which I'll probably layer under the A-2.
Ordered my brown lambskin A-2 in June 2013, got it in February. Was too cold on the East Coast to get much use out of it by then, but with fall approaching, I figured I'd throw these up. Will wear it with an untucked oxford, light sweatshirt (lighter than this one) or sweater, jeans, and my CPs. Despite all my bitching, it was worth the wait. I'm happy with the fit, particularly in the sleeves and the body length, and I left just enough room in the shoulders to layer...
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but what completes your TOJ outfit? What pair of jeans / pants look best? What shoes, shirts, sweaters, etc.? Trying to understand how everyone pulls from their wardrobe to best show off their jackets.
For those of you in college (or not yet in college), where did you / do you get the funds for TOJ jackets? I hope it's not too intrusive a question. It's just that I couldn't dream of owning one of these coats when I was that age.
I'm curious: How old are you guys? I'm 37, and I figure I'm on the way old side for this thread.
It took 34 weeks to the day, but I received my A-2 on Friday. Fit pics to come, but a few initial thoughts: -- I expected it to arrive in a bag (based on other peoples' comments), but it came in a box. The box was disconcertingly tiny. I feared I'd screwed up on my measurements so much that they'd sent a child's size. -- Inside the box, there was a TOJ tote bag, and the jacket was below that. The jacket came zipped and folded, gently, in half. -- I'm pleased with the...
Had a pleasant surprise when I awoke: tracking on my brown lamb A-2 (ordered 6/21).
33 weeks.
I don't mind the wait. I only mind being given inaccurate ship dates. Would have been fine if I was initially told no decent estimate could be given. It's about managing expectations.
I ordered an A-2. I submitted my measurements, Charly made adjustments, I made a few more, and that was it. Paid / ordered on June 14 and never submitted a change after that date.
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