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Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I liked Common Projects more when they were trying to be elitist. I think half of their value lies in being an expensive shoe, as shallow as it sounds, I am willing to pay extra for something just so other people can't have it. How many people even wear them in Kingston (that you've seen or heard of)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money The last time I saw Japanese eel porn was like junior year of highschool (circa 2004). This is cool that they are doing a documentary on it, though. And it was called 'Eel Soup' back when I saw it, much more elegant sounding... WARNING: THIS IS THE MOST NSFW THING YOU WILL EVER CLICK. I guess I've been on teh intarwebnets for too long as I expected a lot more.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Heard these are made in china fyi.
...these are the Days of Our Lives, on stylefourm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi meant cable as cable internet. Look for special deals with a competing company, call your current provider and mention deals from another company (ask for the retention department), or borrow someone's wi-fi.
Odd that no one mentioned Fruit of the Loom...
It's subjective to your work's dress code & policies.
You should've ended it with "I accidentally my previous Dell laptop."
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