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Been eyeing the Buttero Canalone boot since the last newsletter, how do those fit in comparison to Viberg 2030, I am usually a 10 in most things. Thank you.
@ZanderRosenMuch appreciated:worship:
Which location my g?
Nah, I ended up paying roughly half of what it would have cost me if I were to purchase it back in the States. The original price difference between HK and US WITHOUT the discount is the ridiculous part.
@cchen Shout out to you for the heads up on the Olive Iridescent Flight Jacket at the Hong Kong Harvey Nichols. I found out that a friend of a friend works there and had him check it out for me, not only did they have it in my size, which I had been trying to track down Stateside, I also got a hell of a deal. That original retail price in Hong Kong is some BS though, compared to the US retail that is.
My man, almost half your posts here are basically the same question asked slightly differently. Don't get me wrong, I love a good deal ( and Acne Ace) as much as the next guy, but I think your time could be better used doing some research of your own both within and outside of the forum.With that said, I don't think either the Acne Ace Cash or Stay Cash go on sale much since those are part of their permanent collection. I did got my Acne Ace Cash from Menlook, where they...
For anyone that has the Cast 2 in either Coast or Hanoi, do they stretch much in the calves area? I remember trying on a pair of Coast 32 in a store, while the top half fits perfect the lower half of the jeans were rather tight (to the point where loosening up the stacks requires a bit of work).
Just got my player in a couple of days ago, fit is exactly what I want but that knit ribbing part becoming too loose is exactly what I am concerned about.
Too bad they ran out of 10s.
I love it too. It is going to be my last leather purchase for a while, god forbid I get into stuff like CCP or Devoa.
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