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My man, almost half your posts here are basically the same question asked slightly differently. Don't get me wrong, I love a good deal ( and Acne Ace) as much as the next guy, but I think your time could be better used doing some research of your own both within and outside of the forum.With that said, I don't think either the Acne Ace Cash or Stay Cash go on sale much since those are part of their permanent collection. I did got my Acne Ace Cash from Menlook, where they...
For anyone that has the Cast 2 in either Coast or Hanoi, do they stretch much in the calves area? I remember trying on a pair of Coast 32 in a store, while the top half fits perfect the lower half of the jeans were rather tight (to the point where loosening up the stacks requires a bit of work).
Just got my player in a couple of days ago, fit is exactly what I want but that knit ribbing part becoming too loose is exactly what I am concerned about.
Too bad they ran out of 10s.
I love it too. It is going to be my last leather purchase for a while, god forbid I get into stuff like CCP or Devoa.
From around Thanksgiving 'til now - Stephan Schneider Stephan Schneider Stephan Schneider Nonnative Nonnative Red Wing
Looking to purchase a pair of Rick Owens x Adidas Superstar Ankle Boot in US sz 10 from SS 15 in either brand new unworn or excellent condition. Located in SoCal. Shoot me a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
Same here, anyone selling their 32 Hanoi for whatever reason please shoot me a PM.
Purchased at Leather Soul Beverly Hills a few years back, a stunning pair of boots with the workmanship you'd expect from Trickers http://leathersoul.com/2011/05/07/trickers-stow-in-grey-lsw-lsbh/. I would have kept these if only they were a half size bigger (they did not have my size at the store). Since they were too small for me, I have only worn them in handful of times. For sizing reference, I am a 9.5 in Alden Barrie last, 10 in Converse Chuck Taylors, 10.5 - 11...
This is an interest check. This a Stephan Schneider Ijevan Cardigan in Burgundy / size IV, fit a slouchy S to a regular fit M. I bought this from South Willard back in '12. I also have the this in blue which I find myself wearing a lot more, which is why I am considering letting this one go. I have probably worn this for around 5 times or less since my purchase, and have kept it in a storage box when not worn. Asking for 275 shipped CONUS, Canada please add $10. ...
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