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@johnelliotco, would you happen to know if American Rag's current stock of the Cobalt jeans are the new cuts or the previous versions? Thanks
@gettoasty@sinnedk Just wanted to say thank you again for the sizing tip, even though a couple of retailers advised me to size down 1 instead of 2 on the Guidi back zips, my gut feeling told me to trust my fellow SF members and I am so glad I did.
^2nd that. Looks pretty good as is, you could size down but a very slim fit SS knit just seem a little off to me.
[[SPOILER]] ^Can somebody proxy this, or knows of a good TO proxy?
^This made me sad and excited at the same time, I ordered my whiskey lamb moto on July 1st. @flahertongs Nice fit BTW
I am located in SoCal, I think H Lorenzo has some Guidi but based on what I am seeing on their website stock is pretty limited. After a couple days of research, I think I am either going for the back zips, the 795, or the leather Alexandre Plokhov boots from a few pages back if I can't track down a 45 for either one of those Guidi.
@gettoasty & @sinnedkThanks for the tips guys. I am a 43 in most TTS dress shoes, good thing I didn't pull the trigger on those 44.
This is my first foray into higher end shoes / boots. Does anyone know what model these are and how I should size them? http://www.blackcelebrationstore.com/Product-Black_BackZip_Boots,1308,61?ShopByDesigner=True&Sale=False&SaleFinal=False&ShopByCategory=False Trying to decide between these and the Alexandre Plokhov a few pages back.
Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but ISAORA.com is having a 40% off 'til the Nov 29th, use code ISA-TURKEY. Finally got those Reikon pants.
Will do, thanks man.
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