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Just tried it again, it worked on both the Match and Score.
All SS on fwrd.com are half off, combine that with code TULIP to get an additional 10% off. Someone cop that match jacket before I do..
Thank you, kind sir. Got myself a Memory coat for that SoCal winter.
[[SPOILER]] Yea that's the Visivim backpack. I have handled it in F.I.L Shibuya and it seems pretty well-made, my cousin who has had his for years also have good things to say about it.As for the tax, I am located in California and Carson Street is located in NY so there is no sales tax for my purchase.
Thanks for this. Got myself a 20L as well.
@johnelliotco, would you happen to know if American Rag's current stock of the Cobalt jeans are the new cuts or the previous versions? Thanks
@gettoasty@sinnedk Just wanted to say thank you again for the sizing tip, even though a couple of retailers advised me to size down 1 instead of 2 on the Guidi back zips, my gut feeling told me to trust my fellow SF members and I am so glad I did.
^2nd that. Looks pretty good as is, you could size down but a very slim fit SS knit just seem a little off to me.
[[SPOILER]] ^Can somebody proxy this, or knows of a good TO proxy?
^This made me sad and excited at the same time, I ordered my whiskey lamb moto on July 1st. @flahertongs Nice fit BTW
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