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Jared, I dont know if these are questions you want me to answer or if you're just quoting because its relevant to this topic. but to answer; no, yes, the shoulders fit perfect, the shirt is tailor fit, don't know what sack-cut, its a casual dress shirt, so I dont think there's pleats in the back. I have a 37-38 in chest. small sz is 35-37 and medium is 38-40. Its 100 cotton, so it might shrink, but the medium makes figure a bit sloppy. the small fits well, but...
I would like to know the proper size for a casual dress shirt. I am wondering about a size small and a medium. I went to Jcrew today and the small gives me a better image, it doesn't look baggy and gives a very clean appearence. But I was worried about the tightness when i pull my shoulders back, the shirt is pulling on the front buttons. When i relax, they're perfectly fine. The shirt is well fit, but maybe a tight when i twist my body on purpose. I know that...
i have the apc rescues 29, they measure 32-32.5 fully stretched.
I have another question about proper "fits". I have a 37.5in chest and a 31 waist. What should my suit size be? Should it be 2 inches wider or is it a direct relation? I ask because I want to buy a suit online, but am afraid of buying a size too small or too large. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I just wanted to know the "proper fit" for a dress shirt, taking a non-overweight man. I am a 37-38 chest and a 31 waist, 5ft '10 . I am planning on having 3 of my dress shirts tapered, but I dont know by how much. They look a bit baggy on me and would like to slim it down. I was just curious to know if there's a general ratio rule or not? If not, what do you guys suggest I should taper it down to? (The shoulder/back/chest fits perfect btw)
I just saw coyote ugly on tv. What about Bridget Moynahan
Thanks, I didn't know Black suits were reserved only for evening wear. I dont wear suits often, and when I do, they're for evening wear anyways. But i started this thread, so i can buy a work suit. I will opt for a navy or a charcoal suit. Thanks. How about Banana Republic or Jcrew?
i was looking into buying a 2 button black wool suit. any suggestions where i can buy one online.
I am buying clothes and am wondering what is the difference between 2 button and 3 button. I know 3 button suits are more common today and 2 button suits are making a comeback. I just want to know how these suits highlight the body. For example, does one suit flatter taller profiles or heavier bodies? Does it matter what color (dark vs khaki color) I am 5 '10, 155lbs athletic lean guy. any input?
For the past few weeks, Ive been reading off and on about buying some raw denim. And with price and quality I chose to buy APC. The smallest size they have is a 29. I was hoping this would fit after reading all the APC sizing threads. I am a true 31 waist. I was wrong. So here's my proposal. I want to know if anyone was interested in buying a almost new pair (not washed, only soaked, worn light for 2 days, clean) of APC Rescue straight 29 jeans. I...
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