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I have been very pleased with the quality of my Quoddys. The other brand I have heard mentioned which produces a quality shoe is Russell.
I have two J Press suits from the Pressidential line (Southwick made). They are not slim fitting. I had the sides taken in by my tailor. I am not sure which model of the BB 1818 line you are considering, but I found the BB Madison (which is the roomiest BB fit) to be more fitted than the Press suits.
Looks great. I need to pick up some blue socks in that shade.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith They run it like a country club alas. Bushwood?
When do you plan to offer the classic fit?
Tailors seem to want to create more of a break, but I request a slight break with 1.75 cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I clicked a thread called, "The Pink," in the Trad Forum, but it wasn't the topic that I expected. - B You need to be a Senor Member to see the hidden pics on the thread.
I was contemplating a choice of seersucker several months ago. I decided against the classic blue which left the grey or cream choices. I ultimately opted for the cream/tan and white from Press. My understanding was that some of the grey jackets had more heavily padded shoulders while the cream did not.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers Anyway, back to the sack. I think you really need the whole look for them to work well and I'm afraid the whole look doesn't really fit in any more. Putting aside the the fact that I disagree with your premise about needing the whole look to work, how is it that the whole look does not fit in anymore?
You have my vote. Pics look great. Good luck.
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